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How to Play & Win

  • Play KENO at all retail locations and watch the drawings at a KENO monitor location or on demand here.
  • You can wager $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10 & $20.
  • Choose from 1 to 10 numbers (called the "spot") out of a pool of 80 numbers. You may use a bet card or the Auto Pick feature.
  • To increase KENO winnings, add the Booster® for another $1 for each $1 wagered.
  • You can play up to 20 consecutive drawings on one bet card.
  • Win by matching your number(s) to the 20 numbers selected by the Ohio Lottery.
  • Tickets can be purchased 7 days a week during normal gaming hours.
  • Drawings occur every four minutes beginning at 6:04 a.m. and ending at 2:28 a.m.

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KENO Odds & Payouts

Odds & Payouts

Prize value based on $1 wager. For wagers over $1, multiply the prize amount by the amount wagered.

10 Spot Game
Match Prize
10 $100,000
9 $5,000
8 $500
7 $50
6 $10
5 $2
0 $5
9 Spot Game
Match Prize
9 $25,000
8 $2,000
7 $100
6 $20
5 $5
4 $2
8 Spot Game
Match Prize
8 $10,000
7 $300
6 $50
5 $15
4 $2
7 Spot Game
Match Prize
7 $2,000
6 $100
5 $11
4 $5
3 $1
6 Spot Game
Match Prize
6 $1,100
5 $57
4 $7
3 $1
5 Spot Game
Match Prize
5 $410
4 $18
3 $2
4 Spot Game
Match Prize
4 $72
3 $5
2 $1
3 Spot Game
Match Prize
3 $27
2 $2
2 Spot Game
Match Prize
2 $11
1 Spot Game
Match Prize
1 $2

The maximum prize payout for a single draw game for each of the 10, 9, or 8 spots top prize will be $2 million. In the event of multiple winners for the top prize in a single drawing, in which the total payout for that drawing would exceed $2 million, each ticket would be awarded a proportional share of the $2 million jackpot prize cap by dividing each ticket’s winning jackpot prize total by the total of all winning prizes to determine each ticket’s proportional share of the $2 million.

KENO Play it Again

What is "Play it Again"?

The "Play it Again" feature is part of most Ohio Lottery on-line games, including Pick 3, Pick 4, PICK 5, Rolling Cash 5, Classic Lotto/KICKER, KENO BOOSTER, Mega Millions/ MEGAPLIER, and Powerball/Power Play. A second barcode, printed on each ticket above the game logo, permits a retailer to scan the ticket with the 2D reader and duplicate the exact wager information for the next scheduled drawing. When using the barcode for Classic Lotto / KICKER, the Play it Again bar code will produce a different KICKER number.

Why was the “Play it Again” feature added?

“Play it Again” was added as a convenience for players because it eliminates the need for a new bet card. The feature also allows retailers to reproduce a customer's wager by eliminating the need to manually enter the numbers.

How does it work?

Once the added bar code at the top of a ticket is scanned by the 2D reader the terminal will print out the exact wager showing on that ticket. The terminal will show a confirmation screen before printing the wager so the customer can verify the cost of the new wager.

What does it cost?

There is no additional charge for “Play it Again”. The customer pays only the cost of the duplicated ticket.

How are KENO and KENO Booster wagers affected?

A Keno ticket generated by the "Play it Again" barcode will duplicate the exact KENO and Booster wafer information for the next scheduled drawing without manually entering the numbers.

How does “Play it Again” work for the Bundle Play package?

The “Play it Again” feature will work only with the specific game ticket presented to a retailer. It will function just like it does for most online game tickets. A second barcode, printed on each ticket above the game logo, permits a retailer to scan the ticket with the 2D reader and duplicate the exact wager information for the next scheduled drawing.

How does “Play It Again” work on Bundle Play tickets?

Once the added bar code at the top of any Bundle Play ticket is scanned by the 2D reader the terminal will print out the exact wager showing on that ticket. Using “Play It Again” on a Bundle Play ticket will only reproduce that game wager. The entire Bundle Play package will not be duplicated.

If the ticket has the “Play it Again” barcode, can it be read regardless if it’s a winning, non-winning or expired ticket?

Yes. The “Play it Again” barcode located at the top of the ticket will read just like a bet card and duplicate the wager regardless of the status of the ticket.

KENO Frequently Asked Questions

Spot Explanation

A "spot" represents the amount of numbers chosen by a player. The "spot" chosen by the player establishes the prize structure level that will be used to determine whether the player has purchased a winning ticket for that drawing. For more information on this and other Lottery terms, go to our Lottery Lingo page.

What is KENO?

KENO is a draw game that gives players the opportunity to “win every four minutes”. Players choose anywhere from 1 to 10 numbers out of a pool of 80 numbers, then watch the drawing on TV monitors within Ohio at over 1,400 KENO establishments.

How do I play KENO?

On a KENO bet card designate how many “spots” (numbers) you wish to play from 1 to 10, how much you wish to wager, and for how many drawings (1-20).  You will select 10 numbers out of 80 or use the Auto-pick feature and the terminal will randomly select the numbers for you.

How much can I wager on a single KENO drawing?

You can wager $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10 and $20 on any KENO drawing.

How do I win the KENO top prize?

To win the KENO top prize you must match 10 of the 20 numbers drawn by the Ohio Lottery from a pool of 1 - 80 numbers.

Can I win other prizes besides the top prize?

You win by matching your selected number(s) to the 20 numbers drawn by the Lottery.  You could win up to 38 different ways, including the top prize.

What is Booster?

Booster is a multiplier feature that can increase your KENO winnings.  The Booster costs an extra dollar for every dollar wagered and applies to all prize levels.  The Booster may boost your winnings 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x.  The 1x Booster does not boost a player’s winnings.

What is KENO to Go?

KENO to Go makes KENO available for purchase at all Ohio Lottery retailers. Players will be able to purchase their tickets and watch the drawings on demand at the KENO drawing web page. Players can also watch the results on the Lottery's mobile web site, and all KENO monitor locations.

My KENO ticket has a "drawing" number. What is this?

Every KENO drawing has its own unique "draw number." The draw number is printed on your ticket and is also referenced wherever drawing results are posted. If you select consecutive draws, your selected number(s) will be played for each of the drawings printed on your ticket.

When can I play?

KENO can be played daily, with drawings occurring every 4 minutes, from 6:04am until 2:28am the next morning. KENO tickets can be purchased 24 hours a day.

Where can players watch the KENO drawings?

You can see the KENO drawings at any KENO monitor retailer.  For a listing of KENO monitor locations near you, got to our Find a Retailer web page. You can also view the drawings online or on your mobile phone at

Why are KENO drawings online different than the drawings at monitor locations?

To make the KENO drawings available on demand to as many mobile devices and web browsers as possible, we cannot present them in the same format you see at KENO monitor locations.

How soon after the drawings can I view the results online?

The KENO drawings will be made available online within a few minutes of the draw occurring.

Can KENO tickets be cancelled?

KENO tickets can be cancelled, prior to the draw.  The draw number on the ticket indicates the drawing for that wager.  KENO tickets cannot be cancelled during terminal-generated promotions that include the KENO game.

How to Claim Prizes

  • To claim your prize, refer to the instructions located on the back of your printed winning ticket.
  • Consecutive draw tickets can be claimed before the last draw printed on the ticket. An exchange ticket will be issued with the original play selections and remaining draws printed on the ticket.
  • Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the drawing date.
  • Check your ticket's validation with our 180 Day Calculator.
  • For more information, call 1-800-686-4208.


Daily winning numbers will be available on the website by 8:00 A.M. of the following day.



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