Photon Terminal Information

Beginning in January, 2019, the Ohio Lottery will begin the conversion of all existing counter terminals (Coronis and Microlot) to the new Photon Terminal.  

You will receive a phone call with your installation date approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the actual date.  A reminder call will be made the day before installation and another call immediately prior to the technician arriving to complete the installation.

Your terminal will arrive via UPS 2 to 3 days prior to your installation date.  The technician will not only install your new terminal but package your old terminal.  The old terminal will be picked up by UPS 2 to 3 days after your installation date.

Photon Conversion Delay

In order to minimize the impact of a terminal conversion during the holiday sales season, we have decided to delay Photon installations until January. We will conduct a small pilot with a limited number of retailers in the next month. Your sales rep will provide installation information when the schedule is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my terminal being changed?
  • The home screen has a new shopping cart display that helps you keep track of transactions.
  • A powerful camera under the monitor allows you to scan bet cards, validate winnings and manage any other scanning functions.
  • A hand-held scanner to reach your Scratch Off display.
  • The ability to track each Scratch Off purchase by ticket.
  • Cash and credit/debit purchases are also now accommodated.
  • A pin pad for customers to complete debit and credit transactions.
How do I get scheduled for installation?
The Intralot call center will call you to schedule your installation date. You will receive this call 2-3 weeks prior to your installation date. If the date does not work, please notify the representative at that time. If you refuse installation the day that is scheduled, your location will not be visited until the next available slot.

How will my new terminal be delivered?
You will be receiving your new Photon terminal through delivery by UPS. The number of boxes to expect in this shipment will depend on which behind the counter terminal you currently have.
  • One box will be received to replace a Coronis
  • Two boxes will be received to replace a microLot
Who will be installing my new terminal?
A representative from USSI or Pro Sys will be completing your Photon install. All USSI and Pro Sys representatives will show you their badge to confirm their identity.

How will my old terminal be removed?
The technician will package up your old counter terminal in the boxes that your Photon arrived in. They will place a pre-paid shipping label on these boxes to return your old counter terminal to the Intralot warehouse.
UPS will be picking up your old counter terminal within 2-3 days after your installation has occurred.

Is there any additional training available?
There are easy to understand videos on the most common questions loaded on the Photon terminal and available HERE.

How big is the Photon terminal?
The Photon is 22” tall, 15” deep and 25” wide.

Are my reports changing?
You will still have the same reports that you currently have with the addition of a new Scratch Off inventory report.
By scanning each Scratch Off from the Photon terminal as it sells, you will have access to new Scratch Off inventory reporting right on your terminal. Please attend an upcoming training session for details.