Partners in Education

The Partners in Education program began in 2007. The program is designed to acknowledge teachers and students K-12 who are working hard throughout our State. The Ohio Lottery’s Partners in Education program has gone paperless. Online nominations are now being accepted.

Academic All Stars

Recognizes K-12 students who have exhibited academic achievement, community involvement, citizenship and leadership in and out of the community.
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Teacher of the Month

Recognizes outstanding teachers and faculty for their excellence in the classroom, leadership, creativity, community involvement and dedication to students grades K-12.
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For more information, and to watch a how-to video,
see our FAQs page.

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2019-2020 School of the Year

Robinson Community Learning Center

The School of the Year award recognizes one school per academic year. This includes all of the schools that have participated in the Academic All Star and Teacher of the Month programs for the current school year (September-May). Prizes awarded may include a gift card, trophy, and autographed merchandise from major and minor league sports teams across Ohio to be used for fundraising purposes only.

Supporting Education

One hundred percent of Ohio Lottery profits helps support K through 12, vocational and special education programs in Ohio.

Funding Education

The Ohio Lottery was established pursuant to the Ohio Constitution, Article XV, Section 6, which reads in pertinent part as follows: The General Assembly may authorize an agency of the state to conduct lotteries, to sell rights to participate therein, and to award prizes by chance to participants, provided that the entire net proceeds of any such lottery are paid into a fund of the state treasury that shall consist solely of such proceeds and shall be used solely for the support of elementary, secondary, vocational, and special education programs as determined in appropriations made by the General Assembly.

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 3770.06 (B), the Director of Budget and Management certifies the transfers to the Lottery Profits for Education Fund.

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