Customer Service Standards

Ohio Lottery Commission Customer Service Standards

Pursuant to Section 121.91 of the Ohio Revised Code, the following Customer Service Standards have been established by the Ohio Lottery.

The mission of the Ohio Lottery, to provide fair and entertaining games to its players, requires constant communication with the general public.  Accordingly, the Ohio Lottery is committed to providing clear, concise, and timely information, and has established these Standards in furtherance of serving our customers.

Face to Face

  • Associates interacting personally with the general public will treat customers with respect and courtesy. Customers will be greeted upon arrival and will be asked to register their visit.
  • Associates will present a professional demeanor and will maintain a professional appearance in accordance with established agency dress codes.  
  • Associates should be required to dress in professional/business casual attire daily.
  • Managers must enforce this requirement and are responsible for ensuring that staff is compliance (i.e., dressed appropriately for work).
  • Participation in Dress Down Days is a privilege.  Associates interacting with the public should ensure that casual wear is still visitor appropriate.
  •  Associates involved in the game show production and sponsorship events will be expected to wear Lottery team apparel and to provide an enjoyable experience for all guests.

Telephone Etiquette

  • Associates will answer desk phones and state-issued cellular phones within the first three rings.  Associates will identify themselves upon answering.
  • Voicemail messages will be updated to reflect when an employee is unavailable, will inform callers of the employee’s anticipated return, and will provide an alternate contact for more immediate assistance.
  •  Voicemail messages will be reviewed and responded to on a daily basis.
  • When an alternate answer point is available, phones will be forwarded to that number during an employee’s extended absence from the office.
  • When a call needs to be transferred, Associates shall remain on the line and inform the recipient of the caller’s identity and concerns before transferring.  
  •  When a call needs to be transferred to voicemail, the Associate shall confirm with the caller that they are comfortable leaving a message.  If not, the Associate shall record a message and notify the intended recipient.

Customer Correspondence

  • Written correspondence should be responded to in a complete fashion using business language, fonts, and agency style guides.
  • Hard copy correspondence should be replied to in the same fashion.
  • Email correspondence should be replied to on the day received, minimally with an acknowledgement of receipt, if resolution is not possible.
  • Associates shall update their “out-of-office notification” when they will be out of the office for an extended period of time.


  • As a part of ePerformance, the Lottery has included three separate categories for the evaluation of customer service.
  • A STATEWIDE customer focus competency is included in all performance evaluations.
  • An agency competency “communicating outside the org” is included in ALL employee performance evaluations.  
  • Associates with a significant interaction with the public will also be evaluated on competence for “Performing for or working directly with the public”.  This will be added to both the job descriptions and performance evaluations of identified positions.