Thank you for your interest in partnering with the Ohio Lottery. The Ohio Lottery defines partnerships as highly integrated efforts between the Ohio Lottery and another party toward an objective.

To consider potential partnerships, the Ohio Lottery adheres to an evaluation program based on a multistep process that will consider specific criteria during the review phase, including the following steps:
  1. 1. Partnership submission windows divide the year into two sections: Spring/Summer (partnerships that are active from March 1-August 1) and Fall/Winter (partnerships that are active from August 1-March 1 of the following year). Submission deadlines are established in advance of each submission window. Once the submission deadline passes, all proposals will be assessed using an evaluation tool. Additionally, the media value of each proposal will be appraised and the prize list will be considered by the MyLotto Rewards® program team. All submissions will also be subject to an audience evaluation.
  2. A complete submission is required to include the following documents: Activation Submission, Prize Submission, Application and a jpeg of the logo.
  3. Following these evaluations, representatives of proposals for which the Lottery has decided to move forward with will be contacted and additional negotiations will commence. Representatives of declined proposals will be notified as such.

Proposals must be submitted to [email protected]. Potential partners are encouraged to submit their proposal earlier in the submission period, which will allow for an opportunity to refine the proposal. If the current submission period is missed, we ask that you wait until the following submission period to be considered. For more information, or if you have questions about the new Ohio Lottery partnership evaluation program and upcoming deadline, please contact Jaime Stanzak, Marcus Thomas [email protected], 216.313.9346.