Touch & Win

Touch & Win, The Interactive, Entertaining KENO-Style games

About the Game

  • Touch & Win games are a style of EZPLAY® games that are based on the traditional Keno game.  These games are only offered at retailers with the Touch & Win Terminal.
  • Touch & Win games are highly interactive, visually entertaining, and are played on the terminal's touch screen.
  • These games give players the option to select between 2 and 10 spots on a grid of 80 numbers on most games.  The games draw 20 numbers and mark those numbers on the grid.  Drawn numbers that match player-marked spots are highlighted thematically.  Match a number of spots according to the dynamic on-screen pay table to win the corresponding prize.  

    Touch & Win games will be offered at a number of price points starting at $.25 per play. The games have multiple ways to win based on the price point and number of spots you choose.
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