International Lottery Scams

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People all around the U.S. lose millions of dollars each year to foreign lotteries and other like scams. It’s tempting to fall for easy money. But it’s never easy in the end. 

You might receive an offer to play a foreign lottery in the mail, via text, over the phone or on social media. It’s a trap that can cause you lots of pain and misery. It’s also a violation of federal law, as cross-border sales are illegal.

Unfortunately, once you fall for a scam, you are more likely to become a target for scammers in the future.

Have you received what looks like an offer from a foreign lottery in the mail? Give this mail to your local postmaster.

If you receive a message purported to be from an international lottery, delete the message and block the messenger. Do not click on the links, which can download malware on your device.
The Federal Trade Commission, a watchdog for consumer protection, offers more advice on spotting and staying safe from International Lottery Scams.