Lottery Cash

Starting in March 2021, MyLotto Rewards® customers will be able to use their points to purchase Lottery Cash that can be used to purchase Lottery products at retail locations and eligible self-service terminals!

Lottery Cash FAQs

What is Lottery Cash?
Lottery Cash can be used to purchase Lottery products such as Scratch-Offs or Draw games at any Ohio Lottery Retailer.

How can Customers purchase Lottery Cash?
Customers can purchase Lottery Cash by using points from their MyLotto Rewards® account.  Customers must login to their MyLotto Rewards® account and click on Redemption Central to access Lottery Cash.  

Where can Customers purchase Lottery Cash?
Lottery Cash can only be purchased on MyLotto Rewards® through the Ohio Lottery Website or through the Ohio Lottery Mobile App. 

How much does Lottery Cash cost? 
Currently, the Lottery is offering two denominations of Lottery Cash.  $5.00 of Lottery Cash can be purchased with 400 MyLotto Rewards® points and $10.00 of Lottery Cash can be purchased with 800 MyLotto Rewards® points.

Where can customers access the Lottery Cash that they purchased?
Customers can find the Lottery Cash that they purchased in My Lottery Cash under My Account.

Where can Customers use their Lottery Cash?
Customers can use their Lottery Cash at any Ohio Lottery Retailer or eligible self-service machine.

How do Customers use their Lottery Cash?
To use Lottery Cash, a customer will show you the bar code on their phone or a printed out copy of their Lottery Cash.  They can also scan the bar code on all self-service terminals except for the Winstations. Customers must use the entire balance of their Lottery Cash in one transaction.  Any remaining balance will be forfeited.  

Can a Customer use their Lottery Cash more than once?
Each Lottery Cash is valid for one transaction.  

Can a Customer use more than one Lottery Cash per transaction?
Yes, a customer may use more than one Lottery Cash per transaction.  For example, if they are purchasing a $20 scratch-off, they may use two $10 Lottery Cash together to pay for their ticket.

A customer used their Lottery Cash at a self-service terminal and there is a remaining balance.  Can they voucher out?
No.  All Lottery Cash must be used in one purchase.  If a customer has a remaining balance on the terminal and they try to voucher it out, they will receive an error message.  Their options are to use the remaining balance or forfeit it and leave it on the terminal.  

When does the Lottery Cash expire?
Please refer to the expiration date on the Lottery Cash.

How will I know what Lottery Cash has already been redeemed?
You will receive a message if you try to scan Lottery Cash that has already been redeemed.

Do I have to enter anything differently when I scan the Customer’s Lottery Cash?
No.  All you have to do is scan the bar code.  The Lottery Cash will automatically appear in the shopping cart.  You can scan the bar code before or after scanning the Lottery product(s).  

Will I receive commission on the sale with Lottery Cash?
Yes.  Commissions will be applied to all sales purchased using Lottery Cash.

Will Lottery Cash appear on my Lottery reports?
Yes.  Lottery Cash will appear on the adjustment line and will be included on any of your financial reports that include the adjustment line. To access these reports,  you will need to sign in as a manager and pull the Summary Report from the Management Reports.  The Financial Adjustment Report will show the Lottery Cash that has been validated and at what amounts.

Will Lottery Cash work on all terminals?
No.  Lottery Cash will not work on Winstations.  It will work on all other terminals.

How can Customers collect MyLotto Rewards® Points?
Customers can enter eligible Ohio Lottery non-winning tickets, including Scratch-Offs and Draw Games, to earn points. They can also earn points by participating in additional activities, like answering poll questions, taking surveys or playing Games for Prizes.