Q: When does Lottery sports gaming begin in Ohio?
A: The Sports Gaming program in Ohio launched on January 1, 2023. Type C proprietors and their host locations will determine their individual launch dates.  At this time, we have three proprietors that launched on the 1st, UBetOhio, Intralot (Sports Bet Ohio), and BetIGG.

Q: What types of sports gaming will be offered?
A: There are three types of sports gaming that will be offered in Ohio. 
  • Type A, for mobile or online sports betting.
  • Type B, at standalone sports books at places like Ohio’s casinos, racinos and professional sports venues .
  • Type C, at select Ohio Lottery retail host locations.
Q:  What is House Bill 29?
A:  HB 29 legalizes and regulates sports gaming in Ohio. The bill allows sports gaming through licensed operators of online sportsbooks (Type A) and brick-and-mortar establishments (Types B & C). The bill sets a comprehensive licensing and regulatory framework under the jurisdiction and rulemaking authority of the Ohio Casino Control Commission. The bill’s type C language establishes sports gaming regulated by the Ohio Lottery Commission through licensed proprietors’ kiosks at certain lottery sales agent locations who hold certain liquor permits.  

For more detailed information about the provisions of HB 29, please visit this link: https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA134-HB-29

Q: What bet types are included in Lottery Sports Gaming?
A:House Bill 29 limits lottery sports gaming to wagers on sporting events approved by the Casino Control Commission in the following manners: 
  • Spread Wagers 
  • Over-Under Wagers 
  • Moneyline Wagers 
  • Parlay Wagers with no more than 4 components 
While the Lottery does not set the odds for each proprietor, we encourage players to look at each proprietors’ websites with odds, house rules, and other information to determine where they’d like to place their wagers. Visit our vendors' page to learn more about each proprietor. 
Sportsbook Vendors: The Ohio Lottery 

Q. What will sports gaming kiosks look like?
A:  Each proprietor will offer their own full-service solution to individual host locations based on requirements and guidelines set forth by the Lottery. However, each proprietor is able to provide their own unique terminal equipment, prize payment capabilities, and field service support.  What each terminal looks like and the specific options offered can be found at  
Sportsbook Vendors: The Ohio Lottery 

Q:  Will sports gaming contribute profits for education?
A:  Lottery profits will still be contributed in the same manner. Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 3770.06 (B), the Director of Budget and Management certifies the transfers to the Lottery Profits for Education Fund.

Q: What is the process for a Host to change Proprietor partners? 
A: Host locations are required to agree to terms directly with a licensed Proprietor partner. In the event a Host changes partners, the legislation and rules require notification be sent to both OCCC and the Lottery. That notification will come directly from the newly selected Proprietor partner and will include the proposed number of terminals being installed.