Retailer Requested Adjustment

Retailers may request an adjustment to their invoice report for terminal malfunctions or ticket problems. Adjustment requests may be submitted using the digital form below or the Adjustment Form may be printed and mailed to the Ohio Lottery.

Adjustment Request Guidelines

The following guidelines must be followed for a requested adjustment to be considered.

  1. You must report terminal malfunction(s) or ticket problem(s) to the Ohio Lottery’s Customer Call Center on the day of the occurrence.

    Customer Call Center........................1-800-686-4208

    Intralot Call Center............................1-866-710-2462

  2. The form must be filled out accurately and include the all of the required fields. Accurate date, time and nature of problem must be explained in detail.
  3. All tickets, ticket jams, promotional tickets, and service report copies must be attached to the request.
  4. Reprints are required in the case of missing tickets and ticket jams.
  5. Adjustment requests must be received within one (1) business day of occurence.

Automatic Adjustment Denial

The following items will create an automatic denial of an adjustment request.

  1. Operator error
  2. Running out of paper
  3. Paper put in backwards (always do print test)
  4. Tickets not cancelled before pool closing
  5. Not taking reprints when terminal and printer malfunctions occur (reprints must be made immediately after paper jam has been cleared)
  6. Saleable tickets
  7. Failure to adhere to adjustment criteria or Mega Millions' no-cancellation policy

Mega Millions, Powerball and Lucky For Life tickets cannot be cancelled.