Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to pay the transaction fees for the debit and credit card transactions?
No. The Ohio Lottery will pay all fees associated with the credit/debit card readers that are being installed.

Is my commission the same for purchases made with a debit or credit card?
Yes. Your commission will be the same as any Lottery purchase made with Cash.

How will this be shown on my reports?
Online cashless sales and instant cashless sales will be separate line items on your daily and weekly sales reports.

When can my customers begin using the card reader?
The card readers will begin to accept payment on October 29, 2017.

What types of payments are accepted?
The card reader will accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover and any eWallet associated with one of these cards; ie. Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

What payment amounts are accepted?
A customer may choose to spend $10, $20, $50 or $100.

Can a customer “cash-out” the amount they put into the terminal?
No. Any money placed on the Lottery terminal using the card reader must be played. The only amounts that can be cashed out are winnings or cash that was inserted into the machine.

Who do customers call with problems?
Customers may call (844) 806-8929 with any questions about the card reader.

Who do I call with questions?
For questions regarding your terminal or cashless Ingenico card reader device, please contact: 866-710-2462.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the card reader?
In the next few weeks, you will receive a phone call to set up an installation appointment. Please remember to have the keys to every self-service terminal you have on premise at that appointment.

I do not accept credit/debit cards in my location; can I refuse installation?
No. The Ohio Lottery is retrofitting all the self-service equipment, so no retailer can opt-out of the program. Additionally, the Lottery is paying all of the transaction fees so there is no additional cost to you as a retailer.

Where will the card unit be placed on the terminal?
The card reader will be installed on top of the ticket checker.

Will customers be able to easily use the card reader?
Yes. There will be directions on when and where to swipe their card on the unit and on a sticker next to the unit.

Will there be limits on how much a customer can wager at any one time?
Yes, you are limited to spending $700 per week, per card. Any additional funds played would need to be cash.

How will customers know that they can now purchase lottery games using the card reader?
There will be messaging on the top of all the self-service terminals that say "Visa, Mastercard, Discover Now Accepted." There will also be mentions online and through social media.


For the security of your location and the self-service unit please:

  • Verify the identity of any third-party persons claiming to be repair or maintenance personnel, prior to granting them access to modify or troubleshoot devices. This includes any device installation, device replacement or software changes to the device. Anyone who wishes to have access to a card terminal must show official Intralot or Ohio Lottery identification.
  • Do not install, replace, or return devices without verification.
  • Be aware of suspicious behavior around devices (for example, attempts by unknown persons to unplug or open devices).
  • Report suspicious behavior and indications of device tampering or substitution to the Intralot Call Center.
  • Criminals will often pose as authorized maintenance personnel in order to gain access to POS devices. All third parties requesting access to devices should always be verified before being provided access—they should always have official Intralot or Ohio Lottery identification.  Many criminals will try to fool personnel by dressing for the part (for example, carrying toolboxes and dressed in work wear), and could also be knowledgeable about locations of devices, so it’s important personnel are trained to follow procedures at all times. 
  • Another trick criminals like to use is to send a “new” POS system with instructions for swapping it with a legitimate system and “returning” the legitimate system to a specified address. The criminals may even provide return postage as they are very keen to get their hands on these devices. Never replace a card terminal that is connected to the lottery terminal.