Ohio Wins When Ohioans Win

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Ohio Wins

When Ohio plays, Ohio wins. And that means more than the $7.9 million* in prizes we distribute to players every day. Last year, we provided more than $1.4 billion* to Ohio education and retailers across the state enjoyed hundreds of millions in commissions and bonuses! That’s a whole lotto winning!

Players Win

Ohio Lottery players racked up more than $2.9 billion* in prizes last year. Scratch-offs pay out more than $4.6 Million* every day. KENO pays out more than $8 million* every week. There are significant winnings to be had all over the state. Isn’t it time you got in on the action?

The Economy Wins

For around 10,000 retailers statewide, offering Ohio Lottery games helps bring more customers through their doors. And, thanks to the $292 million* paid in bonuses and commissions, Ohio Lottery retailers get more money put directly in their pockets, too.

Education Wins

Last year, the Ohio Lottery gave more than $1.4 billion* to Ohio education. That means more funding for K through 12, more support for vocational schools and more attention to special education. Deserving students across Ohio win every time Ohioans play. See how!

*Rounded averages from FY22.