Ticket Seller News


Here are top stories and other news in the November/December issue.

  • Be on top of sales demand this holiday season. Get a recap of games, promotional items and more to keep sales strong throughout the holiday season. Activate and sell the seasonal scratch-offs coming Nov. 23. Get holiday delivery schedules and more. 
  • Big Winners. See where the big winners for September and October scratch-offs were sold.
  • Redemption notice for Lottery Cash and Lottery Coupons. The first batch of Lottery Cash and coupons is set to expire Dec. 31. A new batch is planned for release mid-November. Redemption through the right vending machine is quick and easy. Learn more.
  • Taking Care of Business: Lottery Coupon processing. This is what you and your staff will see when helping customers with the free Rolling Cash 5 ticket offer.
  • Taking Care of Business: Unplayed Money. See how the Ohio Lottery accounts for customers who place more money in vending than they use and decide to cash out.
  • Retailer Incentive program first quarter results. Find out the incentive program’s top performers for the first quarter of Fiscal 2022.
  • Keno Play of the Day runs through Nov. 28. Here’s a Keno Play of the Day poster for your use.
  • The FY21 Class of the Keno Million Dollar Club. Check out the retailer partners who joined the Keno Million Dollar Club in FY21.