Ticket Seller News


Here are top stories and other news in the May 2022 issue.

  • Taking Care of Business: Liability deposit payments. Here are helpful tips if you need to make a liability deposit program payment. It’s especially important now as the Ohio Lottery goes check free.
  • KENO promotions. We’ve got two promotions this month, Off to the Races (May 7) and Dust Off Your Wings (May 23-June 4). Off to the Races signage is available for download.
  • Taking Care of Business: Recovery vouchers and cashless funds.  Review the recovery voucher scratch-off reference and recovery voucher reference to assist you with incomplete credit or debit transactions. 
  • The Discover Ohio EZPLAY® Game. The new Discover Ohio EZPLAY® Game and promotion encourages customers to enjoy the great state of Ohio!
  • Big Winners. See where the biggest draw game prizes for our lotto and multi-state games have been sold from July through December 2021. Like to post big winners? We have big scratch-off winners for February and March too.
  • The latest scratch-off coupon offer. Be ready for customers with the latest value-added coupon, which can be used between May 16 to June 11.
  • Retailer Incentive Program (RIP). Third quarter RIP results are in.