General Information

Q:  When does lottery sports gaming begin in Ohio?
A:  The Sports Gaming program in Ohio launched on January 1, 2023. Type C proprietors and their host locations will determine their individual launch dates.  At this time, three proprietors launched on the 1st, UBetOhio, Intralot (Sports Bet Ohio), and BetIGG.

Q:  What types of sports gaming will be offered?
A:  There are three types of sports gaming that will be offered in Ohio.

  • Type A, for mobile or online sports betting 
  • Type B for standalone sports books at places like Ohio’s casinos, racinos and professional sports venues  
  • Type C at select Ohio Lottery retail host locations 

Q: What type of sports gaming is offered at Lottery retailers?
A: Sports gaming offered at Ohio Lottery retail locations is classified as Type C.

Q: How will I know what a sports gaming kiosks looks like at an Ohio Lottery retailer?
A:  Each proprietor will offer their own full-service solution to individual host locations based on requirements and guidelines set forth by the Lottery. However, each proprietor is able to provide their own unique terminal equipment, prize payment capabilities, and field service support.  What each terminal looks like and the specific options offered can be found at Sportsbook Vendors: The Ohio Lottery.

Q: Will all sports gaming kiosks offer the same wagers and odds?
A: House Bill 29 limits lottery sports gaming to wagers on sporting events approved by the Casino Control Commission in the following manners:

  • Spread Wagers 
  • Over-Under Wagers 
  • Moneyline Wagers 
  • Parlay Wagers with no more than 4 components 

While the Lottery does not set the odds for each proprietor, we encourage players to look at each proprietors’ websites with odds, house rules, and other information to determine where they’d like to place their wagers.  Visit our website to learn more about each proprietor.
Sportsbook Vendors: The Ohio Lottery

Q: How can I find a lottery sports gaming host location near me?
A: Visit Find A Retailer and enter your zip code or visit Where to Play: The Ohio Lottery to see a list of type C sports gaming locations in your area.

Q: Can I bet on Lottery and Sports at the same time for Sports Bet Ohio?
A: No, Lottery and Sports may not be purchased at the same time. You must purchase your Lottery or Sports Bet ticket all at one before moving to the other option. The purchases cannot be mixed.

Q: How old do I have to be to place a sports bet?
A: You must be 21 years old to place a sports bet. The clerk or the kiosk will verify your age via a driver’s license or state ID.

Q: I do not have a license or State ID, how can I play?
A: If you do not have a driver’s license or State ID, you will not be able to place a bet using a kiosk. If you have another form of ID (i.e. birth certificate or passport), you may place a bet at a clerk operated terminal.


Q: What is considered a reportable wager? 
A: Sports gaming wagers must be at least $600 dollars and 300x the wager to be reportable for tax withholdings and more than $5,000 and 300x the wager to have taxes withheld.

Q: How long is a winning ticket valid?
A: A winning ticket is valid for one hundred and eighty (180) days from the close of the event. If there are multiple events on one ticket, it will be from the date the last event closes.

Q: Is there a limit placed on wagers?
A: There is a $700 wager limit per transaction and a weekly wagering limit of $700 per person.

Q: What happens if the odds change after I create my QR code on a mobile app, like the Sports Bet Ohio companion app, will it tell me if the odds change before I purchase my ticket? 
A: When creating the QR code on the companion app there is a disclaimer advising the player that the odds are subject to change. The live odds at the time the QR code is scanned, not when the QR code is created, are the accepted odds and will be what is reflected on the bet ticket when the wager is placed.

Q: What happens if I create a QR code on an app before an event starts but do not scan the QR code until after the event has started?
A: The clerk and/or kiosk will state that the wager is no longer available.


Q: How do I know if I have won?
A: At the conclusion of the wagered-on event, you can scan your ticket at the self-service kiosk or present it to the clerk operated point of sale terminal to be validated. If offered by the proprietor, you may scan the ticket bar code using their mobile application to verify as well.

Q:  How soon can I claim my prize?
A:  Sports Gaming tickets may be collected as soon as ALL events on the ticket have settled. There may be a short grace period after the game ends for the event to close on the system.

Q: How can I claim a winning wager?
A: Players have several options for claiming depending on which proprietor they purchased their ticket from. Options include:

  • Cashing prizes at the host location where the wager was placed or at an affiliated host location
  • Mailing claims to the proprietor for payment
  • Claiming at an Ohio Lottery office
  • Crediting the winnings to a credit card, debit card, or electronic payment account used to place the wager
  • Placing the winnings back on the terminal as a credit voucher to play again
  • If utilized by the proprietor, cashing winnings using the Ohio Lottery Mobile App www.ohiolottery.com/claiming/mobile-cashing

For specific cashing options for each proprietor please visits Sports Gaming How to Cash: The Ohio Lottery

Q: I won, where is the claim form I need to fill out?
A: If you are mailing in your winning ticket or the ticket is over $600, a claim form is required. Each proprietor has a separate claim form, which can be found on their specific websites, located at Sportsbook Vendors: The Ohio Lottery 

Q: Can I cash my sports bet ticket on the mobile app?
A: If utilized by the proprietor, winning sports bet tickets can be cashed using the Ohio Lottery mobile app.  This feature is not available for every proprietor.  For specific cashing options for each proprietor please visits Sports Gaming How to Cash: The Ohio Lottery.

Q: With Gold Rush closing host locations on October 3rd, will customers still have the ability to redeem winning tickets? 
A: Yes.  A winning ticket is valid for one hundred and eighty (180) days from the close of the event (not from the date the wager was placed). If there are multiple events on one ticket, it will be from the date the last event closes. Gold Rush will still be responsible for honoring all winning tickets until they expire.  

Q: How will Gold Rush customers redeem tickets once wagering closes? 
A:  While wagering will be cut off on October 3rd, Gold Rush redemption terminals will remain active in each location for tickets to be cashed until equipment is removed between October 9th – 11th. After that point, tickets will continue to be redeemable in three different ways: 

  • Winning tickets that are not taxable can be redeemed via the Super Retailer application at one of the Lottery Regional Offices. 
  • Winning tickets that are not taxable can be redeemed through the Ohio Lottery mobile app. 
  • Prizes can also be mailed directly to Gold Rush (address on the back of the bet ticket) or dropped at a Lottery Regional Office for payment to be sent via mail. 
  • All Gold Rush winning tickets that are subject to tax withholding MUST still be mailed directly to Gold Rush (address on the back of the bet ticket) or dropped off at one of the Lottery Regional Offices to be sent via mail. 

Q: Where can a customer find a Gold Rush Gaming claim form? 
A: The claim form can be found on the Lottery website at Sports Gaming :: The Ohio Lottery. Claim forms may also be available via the Gold Rush website or at Lottery Regional offices.

Q: How does the Gold Rush claim form process work? 
Instructions for claiming a winning ticket are listed on the back of the bet ticket.  The claim form will be filled out and accompany the original ticket when being mailed to Gold Rush or being dropped off at a Lottery regional office location.

Q: Will customers still be able to contact Gold Rush Gaming? 
A: Yes. Questions can be submitted through the Gold Rush Gaming website at  CONTACT US - Gold Rush Gaming, via phone at (630) 307-0500 or email at [email protected].