Sports Gaming Equipment


Type C sports gaming wagers can be placed in-person at bars, restaurants, and other eligible Ohio Lottery retailers throughout the State. Wagering will be available through self-service or clerk operated terminals within each venue.

Each sportsbook vendor will be offering their own unique solution and equipment to conduct wagering. Below is a brief description of the general types of equipment that may be commonly used for type C.

Self-Service Terminal – A self-service automated device that is used for sports wagering. This is typically in the form of a standalone kiosk but can also include tabletop units. These terminals provide a fast and convenient way to place wagers without the assistance of host staff. Wagers can be funded directly through the kiosk by using cash or cashless funds (if offered). Players then follow the prompts on the touchscreen of the device to place a wager and receive a printed bet ticket.

Point of Sales Terminals (POS) – A point-of sale terminal is a clerk operated system for processing and completing transactions. This can include both placing a wager and validating a winning ticket, with the help of host staff.  POS terminals cannot be accessed directly by a player and will always require assistance from staff on-site. However, they do provide host locations with extensive screen displays and offer the ability to track inventory, invoices, and reporting functionality.

Redemption Terminal – Redemption terminals provide a safe and accurate way to handle winning tickets. Similar to an ATM, these terminals provide discreet self-serve functionality for a player to claim their winnings without interaction with host staff. The terminal will be able to scan a ticket, validate it is a winner, and cash the winning ticket back to the player. To learn more about claiming options, go to the How to Cash page to see each Sportsbook's offerings.

Ticker Board – An electronic sports board ticker that displays the latest scores, game odds and applicable sports stats that are available.

Sports Betting App – Select sportsbook vendors may offer players a companion app via online or mobile device. The sports betting app would be specific to each sportsbook vendor that offers it and allow the player to build a bet slip on their phone or other device creating a QR code that they can scan at a partnered host location to place a wager. The wager is not considered valid until the QR code has been scanned at the host location.   Note: Odds may change between the creation of a bet slip and the placement of the wager.  Changes will be displayed for confirmation by the Player. The odds at the time of wager placement at the host, will be the odds of record.

Ohio Lottery Mobile App - Select sportsbook vendors may offer players the ability to cash using the Ohio Lottery mobile app.  Mobile Cashing is a secure and convenient way to deposit nontaxable winnings directly into a bank account from a mobile device. The mobile cashing app has been built into the current Ohio Lottery application.  Customers can download the app in the Apple Play store or Google Store.  Be sure to set the device to auto-update so the most current version appears.  Scan an eligible sports bet ticket, select the sportsbook vendor, and select Cash Out to start the mobile cashing process. For more information on the Ohio Lottery mobile app visit