Frequently Asked Questions

I found the word ENTRY on a Cash Explosion ticket, what do I do?

If you found a Cash Explosion ENTRY ticket you are eligible to enter a weekly contestant drawing. Players that are selected can win up to $50,000, $100,000 or more on our weekly television show. Click here for instructions.

Can I enter a drawing more than once?

Each entry ticket may only be entered into one drawing, but you may submit multiple separate entries for the same drawing.

Can I still mail my entry tickets in for a drawing?

No, Cash Explosion drawings are conducted online ONLY and you must create an account in MyLotto Rewards® to register your ticket. To participate, scan your Cash Explosion tickets using the official Ohio Lottery mobile app.

What are my chances of becoming a contestant?

Odds of being selected vary from drawing to drawing based on the total number of entries that are received and the total number of entries that you have submitted during each draw period.

When do Cash Explosion drawings occur?

Cash Explosion conducts regular contestant drawings weekly, in which players are chosen to appear on our television game show. Exceptions or adjustments to the draw schedule are subject to Cash Explosion® special promotions and events. The current announcement schedule can be found here.

How are the Cash Explosion contestants selected?

Entry tickets must be registered online only through a MyLotto Rewards account. A random number generator is used to select contestants from all entries submitted during the draw period and the Ohio Auditor of State verifies each individual winner.

How do I find out if I have been selected as a contestant?

Contestant names and hometowns are announced on the Cash Explosion® Television Show and posted on the Contestants web page. Announced contestants will be contacted by a Cash Explosion® Team Member via phone, email or USPS, usually within a week of the announcement date. It is important to make sure your My Lotto Rewards account information is accurate and up to date.