Dolphin Dollars

How to Play

  • Play Dolphin Dollars at all retail locations that have a Touch & Win terminal.
  • You can wager $.25, $.50, $1, $2, $3 or $5.
  • Choose 2 to 10 numbers (spots) out of a pool of 80 numbers. You may also use the Auto Pick feature to select all or some of your numbers.
  • Once your numbers are selected, press Play to begin.
  • You win by matching your number(s) to the 20 numbers selected.
  • Matched numbers are represented by changing from orange to yellow, while unmatched numbers are represented by red.
Bonus Game
  • If a bonus number is drawn, the golden ring will begin to spin around the number.  At the end of the draw, the 3 bonus rings in the top left will be replaced by 3 golden ball icons, while each spinning ring on the grid will transform into a golden beach ball and drop to the dolphins below.  Each time, the dolphin will try to knock the golden ball through the hoop on the left side of the screen.  For each ball knocked through the hoop, you will receive a chance in the bonus game. (Up to 3 chances)
  • In the bonus game, you will need to choose one of two hoops (top or bottom) in which you want the dolphin to jump through.  The dolphin will jump through the selected hoop and you will win a revealed prize amount.


Odds and Payouts

Overall Prize Payout: 77.05%

To see the payouts table for your wager, select the tab with your wager to see the payout.