KENO News Page

Check out the Fall Kenotes, with highlights and breaking news below for retailers who are fans of Keno and all our social games. Look for the first 2024 Kenotes soon!

  • KENO promotions planned for 2024. We have our first four KENO promotions planned for the year, with our calendar running through early July. Check out all the KENO promotions planned for the first half of the calendar year and download our KENO calendar. Your fans will appreciate it.
  • Top Bar/Tavern Retailers of FY23. See what retailers earned a spot as a top seller for KENO, Lucky One, EZPLAY® and Tap games.
  • KENO Million Dollar Club. See the bars, taverns, restaurants and clubs who earned this distinction in FY23. The Fall issue showcased bar/tavern retailers from central and southern Ohio. More coming soon!
  • KENO Winners. See where some of our biggest KENO winners have recently been sold. Consider posting these big KENO winners.
  • Point of Sale. Talk to your sales representative for any point of sale needs.
  • Perks for KENO Certified Experts. Meet some of our recent Tip Jar Tuesday winners! KENO retailers and staff are encouraged to sign up.