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  • Cadillac and Cash Grand Prize Winner
    Played the Cadillac and Cash instant game and won the grand prize! Now driving the 2014 Cadillac CTS!
  • Rock'n 777s Winner
    Won the Rock'n 777s grand prize that consists of Rock’n 777s Ultimate Music Destination Vacation. Get to go to a Live Nation concert in an...
  • Theo / Bethel Park
    l bought a ticket for 20 KENO drawings and l came home and watched every drawing online. The drawings had already happened but I wanted it to...
  • Winners are everywhere
    The Ohio Lottery has a 2nd chance non-winning ticket promotion, where you can win prizes and tickets to events at the Wolstein Center. I sent in...
  • Jeff Bourdley / Massillon
    I won the Ohio Lottery VIP Access 2nd chance drawing at the Wolstein Center. Me and 9 of my friends just saw Cirque Du Soleil and all I had to...
  • Jeff Bourdley / Massillon
    I was the grand prize winner of the Ohio Lottery VIP Access 2nd Chance Drawing and I got a suite for 10 at the Wolstein Center. We just saw...
  • First Time Playing
    I walked in the store to get a ticket and my friend dan told me to play a ticket I choosed the$100 karat easy play and won $100 I was like wow. I...
  • Daph / Lynchburg
    I didn't win any money but I did win 2 tickets to the Bengals vs Browns at Paul Brown stadium in November. This meant more than a money because...
  • It was my 1st ticket
    Her first ticket got her on the Cash Explosion show where she won enough money to make home improvments on her basement.
  • We won $1,000
    Kim & Barry won $1,000 and paid bills with it.
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Here is a list of recent winners in the Ohio Lottery's Top Prize Drawing Promotion.

Draw Date
  • Tracy Alldaffer
    Tracy Alldaffer Urbana
    Super Millions Spectacular
    • 300
      Tracy Alldaffer There is no photo available of Tracy.
    • 350
      Super Millions Spectacular Tracy's winning instant ticket, Super Millions Spectacular.
    Tracy Alldaffer of Urbana got an early start on the Holidays. He won $5,000,000 in the Ohio Lottery’s Super Millions Spectacular top prize drawing. Twenty-eight entries qualified for the drawing that was held November 4, 2015. Alldaffer won $5,500 and the entry into the drawing when he picked up his ticket at Ooh Ooh Drive Thru in Springfield on October 31, 2012. Alldaffer chose the cash option and receives $1,775,000.00 after mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent.

    Congratulations, Tracy!
  • Terri Staib
    Terri Staib North Canton
    50X the Money
    • 300
      Terri Staib There is no photo available for Terri.
    • 350
      50X the Money Terri's winning instant ticket, 50X the Money.
    Terri Staib of North Canton has plans for a retirement nest egg after she won $500,000 in the 50X the Money top prize drawing. Terri won $5,500 and the TPD entry when she picked up her ticket at Acme Fresh Market in North Canton. Hers was one of 33 TPD entries, and it came out on top in the drawing held November 4, 2015. After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent, Staib receives $355,000.

    Congratulations, Terri!
  • Carol Donaldson
    Carol Donaldson Findlay
    Joker's Wild
    • 300
      Carol Donaldson There is no photo available for Carol.
    • 350
      Joker's Wild Carol's winning instant ticket, Joker's Wild.
    Carol Donaldson of Findlay said she expected to win the Top Prize Drawing on Joker’s Wild, so she changed her ring tone to Hallelujah so that she would know it was the lottery calling. Her prediction came true when she finally got the call. One of 29 entries, Carol won $150,000 in top prize drawing. Carol won $5,500 and a TPD entry when she bought her ticket at Rite Aid in Findlay. After taxes, Carol receives $106,500.

    Congratulations Carol!
  • Cynthia Montle-Glass
    Cynthia Montle-Glass Guysville
    Millionaire Spectacular
    • 300
      Cynthia Montle-Glass There is no photo available for Cynthia.
    • 350
      Millionaire Spectacular Cynthia's lucky instant game, Millionaire Spectacular.
    Christmas came early for Cynthia Montle-Glass of Guysville. One of 33 entrants, she won a $1-million top prize in the Ohio Lottery’s Millionaire Spectacular game held Sept. 28, 2015. Montle-Glass purchased her $5,500 semi-finalist entry ticket from Go Mart #111 on July 24, 2013. She said she forgot all about being able to win a million dollar top prize. The top prize, $50,000 a year for 20 years, has a cash option. Taking the option, she receives $355,000 after mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent. Montle-Glass said she is paying off her bills and her home. She wants to be free and clear because she hates having bills hanging over her head. "This is a nice Christmas present,“ she said. Go Mart, located at 928 E State Street in Athens, receives a $10,000 agent sales bonus.
  • Rose Schiffer
    Rose Schiffer Spencerville
    Instant Millions
    • 300
      Rose Schiffer There is no photo available for Rose.
    • 350
      Instant Millions Rose's lucky instant game, Instant Millions.
    Rose Schiffer of Spencerville is an excited winner. She thought the winning call was a prank and now she can help family members. Schiffer won $1 million in the Ohio Lottery’s top prize drawing for the Instant Millions game. There were 33 entrants in the drawing held Sept. 28, 2015 at Lottery Central. She bought her $5,500 top prize drawing entry ticket Aug. 26, 2013. The winner of an annuity prize of $50,000 a year for 20 years, she chose the cash option. She receives a lump sum of $355,000 after mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent. Schiffer says she will pay-off her mortgage, buy a new car, help family members, and donate to the Spencerville Volunteer Fire Department. She said because of all the rain this year, the Fire Department had to cancel its fundraiser. Schiffer bought the ticket from Spencerville Quick Stop, 202 N Broadway Street, in Spencerville. The retailer receives a $10,000 agent-selling bonus.
  • Jeffrey Hite
    Jeffrey Hite Lancaster
    Special Edition Cashword
    • 300
      Jeffrey Hite There is no photo of Jeffrey available at this time.
    • 350
      Special Edition Cashword Jeffrey's winning instant game, Special Edition Cashword.
    Jeffery Hite of Lancaster says his $100,000 Special Edition Cashword top prize came at a great time. When he bought his TPD qualifying ticket on August 8, 2014, little did he know that he was making preparation for his future. He held one of 39 entries in the Special Edition Cashword top prize drawing held Aug. 25, 2015. Hite says early retirement is a real possibility. He was planning to retire in January. He purchased his winning ticket from Kmart #7131 in Lancaster.
  • Marcille Price
    Marcille Price Kenton
    Monopoly Jackpot
    • 300
      Marcille Price There is no photo of Marcille available at this time.
    • 350
      Monopoly Jackpot Marcille's lucky instant game, Monopoly jackpot.
    Marcille Price of Kenton didn't expect to win, but she's glad she did. Price will be able to pay off some bills and take a vacation after winning the top prize drawing on Monopoly Jackpot. She claimed her $5,500 semi finalist ticket on March 10, 2014. Holding one of the 19 tickets, entered, she won $150,000 in the top prize drawing on August 25, 2015. Price purchased her qualifying ticket from Marathon Food Center in Kenton.
  • Carolyn Sesser
    Carolyn Sesser Newark
    Lucky 7's Playbook
    • 300
      Carolyn Sesser There is no photo of Carolyn available at this time.
    • 350
      Lucky 7's Playbook Carolyn's lucky instant game, Lucky 7's Playbook.
    Carolyn Sesser of Newark won a top prize one year after purchasing a Lucky 7's Playbook ticket that earned her entry into the game's top prize drawing. She purchased her ticket from Union St Duke, claiming $5,500 Aug. 25, 2014 and earning a spot in the Aug. 7, 2015 drawing. she held one of 14 tickets placed in the drawing. Her ticket brought some very good fortune. She plans on making home repairs with her $250,000 windfall.
  • Kim Rizzo-Thompson
    Kim Rizzo-Thompson Columbus
    $300 Million Diamond Dazzler
    • 300
      Kim Rizzo-Thompson Kim poses with her husband Tim and an over-sized check for $2,000,000.
    • 350
      $300 Million Diamond Dazzler Kim's lucky instant game, $300 Million Diamond Dazzler.
    Kim Rizzo-Thompson probably forgot all about her top prize drawing entry ticket when she bought it April 1, 2013 from Kenny Road Market in Columbus. After all, it was April fool's day and she had won smaller prizes before. No big deal, she was happy with winning $5,500. Little did she know, her prize qualified her for even more. All jokes aside, nearly two years later on Aug. 25, 2015, her ticket was drawn from 99 TPD entries. She won $2 million, the top prize for $300 Million Diamond Dazzler. She and her husband Tim had been looking at a new home. Now, they plan to buy it. She collects a lump sum of $710,000 after mandatory federal and state taxes. Kenny Road Market received a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.
  • Ronald Cool Jr.
    Ronald Cool Jr. Norton
    Bingo Times Ten
    • 300
      Ronald Cool Jr. Ronald poses with his wife, Rachael, and a big check for $100,000.
    • 350
      Bingo Times Ten Ronald's lucky instant game, Bingo Times Ten.
    Info to come.
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  • Spring Into Summer Show Winners

    Winner's Name Location Draw Date Prize
    Victoria K Newark, OH June 3, 2015 Troy-Bilt® FLEX™ System
    Cathy B. Garfield Heights, OH June 3, 2015 Troy-Bilt® Jet™ Blower
    Kyle G. Sterling, OH June 3, 2015 Troy-Bilt® Jet™ Blower
    Kimberly A. Thompson, OH June 3, 2015 Troy-Bilt® Jet™ Blower
    Sharon F. New Carlisle, OH June 3, 2015 Troy-Bilt® Jet™ Blower
    Jon J. Euclid, OH June 3, 2015 Troy-Bilt® Jet™ Blower
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