The Ohio Lottery FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If I sell my business, can the Lottery on-line ticket machine stay with the business?

If you intend to sell your business, you must give the Lottery sixty (60) days notice. This will give the Lottery time to obtain and process a new application on the buyer of your business. The notification should be in writing and sent to your Lottery regional office. (Lottery licenses are not transferable and can not be considered part of your business in the sale of your business.) If you have any questions on Licensing, Bonding or Sale of Business, contact the Lottery Bureau of Licensing and Bonding. 1-800-686-4208, press 1 then 3.

Can instant ticket lots be programmed so that players win at least one free ticket after purchasing five tickets?

A lottery is a game of chance, and to preserve the integrity of the Ohio Lottery, printing winning tickets is done randomly. We cannot program winning tickets without compromising integrity. There are a certain number of winners in every lot, but even within each lot, winning tickets and their prizes are printed randomly.

What is the procedure when two or more players split a major prize in which taxes will be accounted for?

Multiple winners splitting prizes between $600 and $5,000 must submit a form 5754 to the Ohio Lottery Claims Department after one of the winners cashes a claim at an authorized National City Bank. Prizes greater than $5,000 can be split by filing an affidavit for multiple claimants along with the original claim form. All of these forms are available at the Lottery Regional Offices.

How long must agents hold on to canceled tickets?

After six weeks, canceled tickets can be ripped up and thrown away.

My customers often ask me "where does the money go?" What information is available to them on this topic?

The Ohio Lottery has educational brochures that illustrate our commitment and past payments to education. These will be made available to you via your sales representative. You can also refer them to our customer service department at (800) 686-4208, or to this web site!

Could Lottery drawings be held later in the evening?

The pools closing at 7:25 PM makes an already busy time busier on high jackpot days or special occasions. The Ohio Lottery is one of few states carrying live drawings. If the time were pushed back, we would not be able to draw in prime time due to the cost-prohibitive news hour.

How do I know what instant games are about to expire?

The "How to Play" card that is delivered with all new games will give you the last date of validation. Also, the agent newsletter, "Ticket Seller," will announce which games are approaching the deadline. The Ohio Lottery also sends messages over the on-line terminal to announce closing dates. These dates are also available on our web site under Instant Games.

Why doesn't the machine generate receipts for free tickets?

It was decided some time ago to disable the automatic printing of receipts for free tickets because of complaints from agents about wasted paper and the additional time it took to print the receipts. Currently, the on-line terminal cannot print free ticket receipts automatically, although a receipt can be printed by pressing the print key after the validation information is displayed on the terminal.

What banks can I direct customers to?

An up-to-date list of participating banks and branch locations can be found through your online terminal. From the main menu press the large question mark at the top of the screen. Press Bank List, then select which section of the alphabet matching the county in which you are looking for a bank. The bank list is also available through our website or for a hard copy list contact our Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-686-4208.

What do I need to do to change my bank account?

A registered principal must access the “Renew or Update a License” link in the For Retailers section of the Ohio Lottery website.  If the owner has not registered and associated their account, they will be instructed to do so at that time.  After you sign in, click the “full view” link which will take you to the update/renewal page. Click the “update button” and you will be allowed to select bank information and submit it online.  Please verify all entries to prevent rejection of the change. The account name entered should be the name on the check. DO NOT enter “Lottery Account” for the account name. Doing so will cause the request to be rejected and delay processing.

Why are there are so many winners in certain areas and few in others?

Our research shows that the percentage of overall winners in a certain area is directly correlated to the overall percentage of sales in that area as well as that area's population. For example, when the Ohio Lottery was selling Super Lotto tickets the Columbus region accounted for 18.34 percent of Ohio's population and 15.70 percent of Super Lotto sales. Fittingly, the Columbus region accounted for 14.58 percent of Super Lotto winners.

Where do the remaining payments of annuitized prize go after the winner dies?

The remaining payments go to the estate of the winner, or to whomever is named as a beneficiary in the winner's will.

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