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Become A Retailer

In fiscal year 2012, Ohio Lottery retailers earned over $172.3 million in sales commissions and bonuses. Don't miss the opportunity to add additional income to your business. Apply now to become a Lottery agent/retailer.

Interested in becoming an Ohio Lottery Retailer? Click here to access the retailer eApplication.

1. You will earn 5.5% commission on every sale, and up to an additional 1.5% based on your cashing ratio. You will also receive a bonus for selling winning tickets for certain games.

2. The annual net Lottery sales and commissions for the average Lottery retail location:

  • Net sales: $250,000
  • Commissions: $15,000 (sales commission and cashing bonus)

3. Increase customer traffic. Lottery customers will often buy additional products when they are coming in to buy an Ohio Lottery ticket. Lottery customers are repeat customers.

4. The Ohio Lottery will provide you with all of the necessary equipment, training and merchandise to maximize your sales potential.

5. Lottery tickets are issued to you on consignment, you pay for them after you sell them.

The Ohio Lottery will be happy to evaluate your location in order to provide you with an estimate of the sales potential for your business. If you are interested in having your business evaluated, please contact the nearest Ohio Lottery regional office to set up an appointment.

Ready to become an Ohio Lottery Retailer?

Simply contact the Ohio Lottery regional office nearest you, and we will be glad to assist you in the application process.

All Ohio Lottery Retailers are subject to Ohio laws, rules, regulations and Terms and Conditions (172 KB PDF).

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