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June 17, 2014

Dear Bingo Community,

We have made some exciting organizational changes that we think will enhance and streamline services for Ohio’s bingo community. As you know, the Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section has had a contractual partnership since 2004 with the Ohio Lottery to handle bingo applications and site visits under our direction. We are now taking all bingo operations internal to our Section, eliminating any confusion over which office to contact with questions. We are grateful to the Lottery staff for the support they provided for many years.

This official change will take place July 1, 2014. Lottery staff are wrapping up site visits and other activities prior to this transition. Beginning in July, all questions related to bingo should be forwarded to the Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section at 1-800-282-0515 and all documents should be forwarded to Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section, 150 E. Gay St., 23rd Fl., Columbus, OH 43215. We believe that this new streamlined approach will enhance the kind of communication and comprehensive support we can provide the bingo community.

We thank you in advance for your patience as we work through this transition and as you get to meet and know the new bingo team we will be assembling. We are appreciative of all of the efforts that go into administering Ohio’s bingo games and know how the monies raised support countless charitable causes around our state. As always, I would welcome any suggestions and feedback you might have.

Very respectfully yours,


Peter M. Thomas Chief,
Charitable Law Section
150 E Gay St, 23rd Fl
Columbus, OH 43215

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