Winning Stories for Winner Wednesday

This Winner Wednesday we're talking wins big and small.

First up, John.

He won $10,000 on the $1 Million Cash Blowout scratch-off!

He bought his winning ticket at Mosiers Market in Raymond.

Larry from Lorain won $50,000 on the Millions scratch-off.

He bought his winning ticket at Convenient Food Mart in Olmsted Township.

We had a celebrity sighting in our Cleveland office when a local reporter came in to get her picture for a recent win.

Stephanie from Cleveland won $200 on in the September 21, 2022 Powerball drawing when she matched 3 numbers and the Powerball number with 2X Power Play!

It might not seem like a big win, but to Stephanie it was! She just started playing Powerball in January. 

The Clippers hit a home run, and made Sonja from Bucyrus a big winner.

She won $1,000 and Ohio Lottery merch as the Home Run Inning Winner at the Columbus Clippers game!

Do you have a winning ticket?

Get your photo with the BIG check when you make your claim or just stop into one of our offices for a photo. Or, after you cash your winning ticket, share your win with us on social media using the hashtag #IWontheOHLottery.

Posted: 9/28/2022 2:00:38 PM