Winner Stories Wanted

Calling all winners!

We always love hearing your winning stories, and now sharing your story could get you a spot in an Ohio Lottery commercial!

We're looking for Ohio Lottery players and Ohio Lottery retailers to tell stories about their wins.

Whether its a big win or a small win, every story counts.

Maybe it's the way you chose your numbers, or how you scratched your ticket, or how you shared in the excitement of a long-time customer's win.

All you have to do is visit, fill out the form, and hit submit story.

Select indivuals will be chosen to join the Winners Roundtable for a chance to be in an Ohio Lottery commercial. And if you're selected, you'll get some cool lottery swag and Ohio Lottery Scratch-Offs for your time.

Click here to submit your winning story today!

Posted: 9/16/2021 2:07:48 PM