September Partners in Education Winners

While the school year may look much different this year, Ohio’s students and teachers are off to a great start! Check out our September Partners in Education Academic All Stars and Teachers of the Month.

Our first September Academic All Star is Layla Edwards. Layla is in the first grade at Stewart Academy for Girls. Layla is described as “a great listener and a great friend to her classmates.” Yolanda McGee nominated Layla and said, “Layla often asks to pack extra in her lunch bag in case she needs to share with her friends.”

Cael Vanderhorst is a senior at Covington Junior/Senior High School and is a September Academic All Star. He is described as a leader, hard worker, and dependable student. Josh Meyer nominated Cael and said, “Teachers describe Cael as dependable and as a student who takes an active role in the learning process by participating in class and asking questions if concepts are not clear.” Cael is also known for his positive personality. He is also a student athlete, with multiple state tournament appearances for wrestling. The school anticipates that Cael will be Valedictorian in the spring.

Finn Warden is our next Academic All Star. Finn is an eighth grader at Mariemont Junior High School. He is known as “one of the nicest young men” community members have met. Along with his academics, Finn is a student athlete. He is the quarterback of the eighth-grade football team and pitcher on the baseball team. He also enjoys musical theatre and was cast in the school musical!

Our last September Academic All Star is Keegan Schroeder. Keegan is a fourth grader at Dowds Elementary School. He is described as considerate, respectful and polite to students and adults. Kristin Kaple-Jones nominated Keegan and said, “He is bright and intelligent and studies hard, but more importantly, he is an example of kindness for all those around him. He goes out of his way to make others feel included and important at school and will be the first to offer to help someone in need.”

Our first September Teacher of the Month is Jessica Moore. Jessica teaches Music and Band for grades 7-12 at Covington Junior/Senior High School. Jessica is known as a leader among staff and an educator who is dedicated to her students’ success. She is also credited with building a successful music program at the school from the ground up. Josh Meyer nominated Jessica and said, “Jessica’s biggest strength is her ability to build a positive relationship with her students. Since the students at Covington know that Mrs. Moore genuinely cares for them inside, and outside, the classroom they are committed to bettering themselves as musicians and people.”

Jessica Krohn is our next September Teacher of the Month. Jessica teaches ninth and tenth grade Special Education at Loveland High School. She is described as a teacher with “a heart of gold [who] instills in her students a desire to learn.” Karol Warden nominated Jessica and said, “Jessica is a tremendous teacher. She goes out of her way to make sure the students have a clear understanding of the lesson so that they are successful. The students […] work very hard in her classes. She attends all school activities and the students are thrilled when she comes to see them.”

Kathy Compton teaches first grade at Centerburg Elementary School and is a September Teacher of the Month! Maria Mattix nominated Kathy and said, “She loves her students and strives for their success. The love she shares with her students is far more than just a teacher: she cares above and beyond the classroom.”

Our next Teacher of the Month is Janet Hazlett. Janet teaches fourth and fifth grade Reading and Math at Ritzman CLC. She has worked to build trusting relationships with her students and colleagues. Janet created a “safe, positive, and productive learning environment” for her students. Ione McIntosh nominated Janet and said, “She is compassionate in caring for students academically, socially and emotionally. Janet exudes her love of learning and is constantly being creative to find and implement tasks and experiences in order to engage her learners.”

Richard Hilvko is our next Teacher of the Month. Richard teaches Math for grades 9-12 at Harrison Central Junior/Senior High School. Ken Parker nominated Richard and said, “Richard is a very hard-working teacher that cares about his students in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. [He] has a deep passion for teaching students to be successful.”

Our last September Teacher of the Month is Jami Gilger. Jami teaches the second grade at Dowds Elementary School. Kristin Kaple-Jones nominated Jami and said, “Mrs. Gilger is an innovative and creative educator. She goes out of her way […] to provide our students with a plethora of learning opportunities outside of the norm. Jami is conscientious and caring and makes it a point to develop a positive a relationship with every student in her room and their families. Jami appreciates a challenge and has become a master of her craft.”

You can nominate an outstanding student or teacher for Academic All Star and Teacher of the Month online by Clicking Here. Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on the 10th of every month.
Posted: 10/6/2020 12:00:00 PM