Which curtain do you choose?

This December we're adding a little suspense to the second chance fun! We have ten curtains with a big prize behind each one, and your $1 and $2 non-winning instants are your key to getting the chance to reveal one of those prizes in our Curtain Call promotion! 

Starting October 14 you can enter your non-winning $1 and $2 instant tickets through MyLotto Rewards. Ten lucky winners will have the chance to pick a curtain numbered 1 through 10 to win the prize behind the curtain. We'll announce two winners each day beginning December 17 live on our social channels and website.

Who knows what you could win? Well, we do, but we're not telling. The prizes are big, though and there will be bonus prizes if you don't get to choose a curtain. One hundred lucky players will win $500 prizes. Keep an eye on our social channels for more.

Tickets must be entered by December 9. Get ready for your Curtain Call beginning December 17!
Posted: 10/16/2018 12:00:03 PM