October Partners in Education Winners Part 1

Written by Dessiona Jackson

Congratulations to our October winners for the Partners in Education program.

Click here to learn more about our Partners in Education program and nominate an outstanding student or teacher. Nominations are due by 5 p.m. on the 10th of each month.

Check out our awesome student winners for October:

Lawrence Maxwell“Lawrence is a student ambassador that assists the admin in cleaning the hallways, assists with visitors entering the building, assists with cafeteria duty and runs errands for the main office. This student has improved and matured from his previous years at Shaw.” – Larry Ellis, Administrator

“Jayden has been exceptional in school academically.Jayden Truitt He has been working hard, persevering in math class and not giving up when the concepts might be more difficult for him. His reading is on-track, and he gets excited to show what he can do academically. I am impressed by the grit he demonstrates daily in the classroom.” - Jacqueline Robbeloth, Administrator

Aubrey Younce“I believe Aubrey is a great role model for how a 7th grade student should act in class. She participates in lessons, asks for help when needed, and works hard to complete all of her work on time. She is very responsible and is respectful to others!” – Jill Smith, Teacher

“Ashley is a role model for other students atAshley Telfer Pickerington Central. She is a leader in the award-winning marching band and is proactive in mentoring junior members of the band. Additionally, she is a member of the National Honor Society and volunteering in a variety of programs that help LGBTQ women and young female students through tutoring. She has completed 18 college credits through the college credit plus classes. Ashley is a compassionate, caring, and friendly student who is kind and considerate of everyone around her.” – Leanne Ross, Administrator 

Easton Dye“It is with great pleasure to nominate Easton Dye as an Academic All Star. Easton is a leader, positive role model and an inspiration to her peers at River High School. She is currently enrolled in honors/AP/CCP courses, and she maintains high honors/GPA as well. Among other things, Easton participates in athletics (volleyball) and is very involved in student council and class officer duties.” – Ed Trifonoff, Administrator

Davierre Hart“Davierre has been a student at I Promise School since the inception starting as a 4th grader. Over his amazing journey, Davierre went from a student who struggled with reading and math to earning high marks in both subjects. Davierre has done exceptionally well in his other subjects: language arts, social studies, and science. In addition, Davierre takes the I Promise student pledge serious. He recites it every day. He is also a mentor to the students at school.” – Carlena Hart, Parent

Koy Haney“Koy Haney is an extraordinary student and devotes himself to his studies. In addition to his academic accomplishments, Koy has learned many invaluable leadership skills and acknowledges the critical role he plays within the learning community. We look forward to watching him evolve, grow academically and make great strides towards a successful year.” – Andy McMillen, Teacher

“Ali stands out amongst her peers with her work ethicAlexandra Garbe and drive. This year she is still taking some classes at Margaretta but is taking most of her course work at the local college BGSU Firelands. Ali is a football cheerleader and a member of the swim team. She is member of many extracurricular clubs and works as a lifeguard. Ali exemplifies what it means to be a well-rounded student!” – Ashlie Gowitzka

Stay tuned to read more about October's Teachers of the Month!
Posted: 11/19/2022 12:00:00 PM