Playing Ohio Lottery games helps support Ohio Businesses

Did you know that when you purchase Ohio Lottery games you're helping to support a network of 10,000 retailers across Ohio?

Mom and pop shops in your neighborhood, gas stations and convenience stores you visit, and bars and restaurants all over the state are all valued members of the Ohio Lottery retail network. And they all get a piece of the pie from Ohio Lottery sales! 

Retailers earn a commission on Ohio Lottery sales, and are incentivized to sell and earn bonuses for things like cashing winning tickets, selling jackpot-winning tickets, and activating new tickets when they're delivered.

Last fiscal year, Ohio Lottery retailers earned $296 million in bonuses and commissions!

That's $63 million more than the previous year.

So when you play, retailers win too!

We hope you continue to support retailers across Ohio, and the mission set out to help support education in Ohio. 
Posted: 5/20/2022 8:14:11 AM