It's Winner Wednesday!

This Winner Wednesday it's all about our newest two-time winner!

You might remember Victor from a post about a month ago when he picked up a $75,683 win on the EZPLAY Progressive Jackpot Game, Going Pro. 

The Akron man doesn't even like golf, so he even surprised himself when he chose to buy a Going Pro ticket at TD Rowe Tobacco Outlet in Akron. That first win made him a fan.

“The only golf I like is miniature golf. I was never into golfing, so Going Pro is now my favorite. This is my best golf score ever!” Victor said.

Now fast forward to May.

Here's Victor, out and about again, but he stopped at a different retailer to buy another Going Pro ticket.

The thing is, the machine was down. So, Victor made his stop at TD Rowe Tobacco Outlet and bought his Going Pro ticket.

The ticket.

Another jackpot-winning ticket! 

"I was stunned, so was the girl that sold me the ticket. I guess God is just blessing me right now," Victor said.

Victor had an even bigger win this time. He won the $92,276 progressive jackpot.

Victor says now he will pay off his mortgage and put the rest toward his retirement from the US Postal Service, which is just about two years away.  
Congratulations, Victor! 

Victor isn't the only big winner. Check out all of our recent winners from across the state in our Media Center.

Posted: 5/12/2021 10:05:25 AM