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It’s a Pick 5 showcase this Winner Wednesday!

This week, we thought we’d share some love of our Pick 5 game with fans. We congratulate Bobby Lipkins of Toledo, who recently claimed a $25,000 top prize in Pick 5’s evening drawing held May 18. He purchased a ticket with 10 wagers for $0.50 each. One of those wagers matched all five numbers drawn straight (in exact order), for the popular Pick 5 game.
The winning numbers were: 8-2-9-5-6

He purchased his winning ticket at Central Market, located at 330 West Central Avenue in Toledo.

That’s just the start of this exciting month for Pick 5 players. Twenty-nine top prizes in Pick 5 were sold in May, with winner Steven Schultz of Columbus holding 10 of those winning tickets. Each ticket included a wager with the numbers: 6-6-3-6-8. He purchased these wagers so they would win “straight” (in exact order) or “box” (in any order).

That’s a $26,250 win for each ticket.

Learn more about the Pick 5 game, ways to play and odds. https://www.ohiolottery.com/Games/DrawGames/Pick-5

Since the beginning of the year, 122 Ohio Lottery retailers have sold a top Pick 5 prize – a $50,000 win on a $1 straight wager or $25,000 on a $0.50 wager, sharing more than $4.8 million with all these lucky customers.

Pick 5 has been a part of the “Numbers” game family since Aug. 12, 2012.
Posted: 5/26/2021 11:00:54 AM

Every Wednesday through June 23: Evening drawings pre-empted by Vax-a-Million winners’ announcement

1-3.pngIf you’re a fan of the Ohio Lottery’s evening drawing, be prepared to view the drawings on the Ohio Lottery’s official You Tube channel or website on Wednesday, May 26, June 2, June 9, June 16 and June 23 at approximately 7:45 p.m.
You Tube drawing channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChjQju6fU6uLSPh3BqYTJ2Q
Ohio Lottery drawing results page: http://www.ohiolottery.com/WinningNumbers/Drawings

The winners of Ohio’s Vax-a-Million drawing will be announced and aired in place of the Ohio Lottery’s evening drawings on those dates.
On those days, Ohio Lottery’s evening drawings will not be aired live. Visit the Ohio Lottery’s official You Tube channel or Ohio Lottery website to view a taping of the drawing. We’ll announce when the drawings are available for viewing on our social channels.

Posted: 5/26/2021 10:44:32 AM

Winner Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A chance purchase of a ticket during a stop driving west on the Turnpike at the Middle Ridge Plaza #05, is turning into a $1-million win for some lucky ticket holder.
The winning numbers were: 3-5-56-61-66 +04. The ticket holder used auto pick to choose their winning numbers.
It’s the third $1-million prize sold in Ohio this year for the Mega Millions game. A total of 32,443 lucky Mega Millions tickets purchased by Ohio Lottery players won some type of prize last night.
Michael Caylor and Sharon Derksen of Englewood split a $1-million Mega Millions prize for the Jan. 15 drawing. They purchased their winning ticket at Meijer Inc. #106, located at 9200 N Main Street in Englewood
Michael Smith of Cincinnati won the $1-million Mega Millions prize in the Feb. 12 drawing.
Ohioans have shared a total of 46 Mega Millions prizes of $1 million since 2013.
Check your tickets! Visit the Ohio Lottery’s claiming section to learn more about how to claim your prize. https://www.ohiolottery.com/Claiming/Index
As of May 19, the day after the big Mega Millions drawing, the lucky ticket holder has yet to claim.
Posted: 5/19/2021 8:15:15 AM

It's Winner Wednesday!

This Winner Wednesday it's all about our newest two-time winner!

You might remember Victor from a post about a month ago when he picked up a $75,683 win on the EZPLAY Progressive Jackpot Game, Going Pro. 

The Akron man doesn't even like golf, so he even surprised himself when he chose to buy a Going Pro ticket at TD Rowe Tobacco Outlet in Akron. That first win made him a fan.

“The only golf I like is miniature golf. I was never into golfing, so Going Pro is now my favorite. This is my best golf score ever!” Victor said.

Now fast forward to May.

Here's Victor, out and about again, but he stopped at a different retailer to buy another Going Pro ticket.

The thing is, the machine was down. So, Victor made his stop at TD Rowe Tobacco Outlet and bought his Going Pro ticket.

The ticket.

Another jackpot-winning ticket! 

"I was stunned, so was the girl that sold me the ticket. I guess God is just blessing me right now," Victor said.

Victor had an even bigger win this time. He won the $92,276 progressive jackpot.

Victor says now he will pay off his mortgage and put the rest toward his retirement from the US Postal Service, which is just about two years away.  
Congratulations, Victor! 

Victor isn't the only big winner. Check out all of our recent winners from across the state in our Media Center.

Posted: 5/12/2021 10:05:25 AM

April Partners in Education Winners

We welcomed Spring last month, and Ohio’s students and teachers are hard at work preparing for the end of the school year. We’re celebrating their hard work today by recognizing our April Partners in Education Academic All Stars and Teachers of the Month!

Our first Academic All Star is Emily Shijo. Emily is a junior at Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School. She is known for her “many positive qualities, including an excellent work ethic, an interest in learning, and an overall enthusiastic view of school.” Emily was nominated by Sean Brennan, who teaches her in his American Legal System class. He said, “She comes to class each day full of enthusiasm that has a positive impact on everyone in the room. Her responses and questions often take the class to a higher level of learning than was intended. Her grades are among the top in the course.”

Ian Cowan is our next Academic All Star. Ian is a senior at Van Wert High School. He is known as a selfless student who is always positive. He is also known for being a leader on the school’s football team that won the 2020 Division IV State Championship. Bob Priest nominated Ian and said, “He is such a tremendous person who is quiet and has an inner determination that is unbelievable.” Ian enlisted in the Ohio National Guard. Upon completion of his service with the Guard, he plans on pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.

Carter Dennis is a senior at River High School and is an April Academic All Star. He is described as “a true leader in the school and on the athletic field.” Carter is the first student-athlete in his school’s district to be named 1st Team All Ohio for football. He is also a member of the baseball team. In the classroom, Carter in enrolled in college preparatory classes and college credit plus courses.

Lily Blitzer is our next Academic All Star. Lily is in the fifth grade at Lee Eaton Elementary School. She has been attending school virtually this year, and her teacher Bethany Payne nominated her as an April Academic All Star. Bethany said, “Lily is an exceptional student who ‘shows up’ every single day. She keeps pushing herself to be better than the day before. She chooses to learn and engage with her peers and teachers and thirsts for new knowledge. She asks questions for understanding and clarity. She is taking on one of the toughest school years ever, and she is doing it with grace and pride.”

Our next April Academic All Star is Gianna Merlo. Gianna is a senior at Howland High School. She is known for being a role model who dedicates her time to academics and volunteering. She was recently named one of Trumbull County’s “Twenty Under 20” for her leadership skills through volunteering, extracurriculars, and academic achievements. Academically, Gianna carries a 4.4 grade point average while balancing Honors, AP, and dual-credit courses. She serves as Treasurer of National Honors Society, Senior Class Treasurer, president of Italian Club, president of Environmental Club and student leader in Interact and Pep clubs. Gianna also shines as a student athlete. She is Captain of the Girls Varsity Soccer and Track teams. Michelle Merlo nominated Gianna and said, “Her values, work ethic and selfless acts that support others inspires me.”

Lauren Visci is our next Academic All Star. Lauren is a senior at Perkins High School. She is known for excelling academically and as a student athlete. She is currently ranked first in her class. Lauren is also a member of the school’s Varsity Cheer Squad, Golf Team and Swim Team. Ashlie Gowitzka nominated Lauren and said, “She is an extremely bright student with the work ethic to match. She has taken all of our most rigorous courses and has maintained consistently high grades in all of them.”

Our last April Academic All Star is Jim Elam. Jim is a freshman at Sycamore High School. He is known as “an excellent role model.” Jim is an accomplished student athlete who also dedicates time to volunteering. He is a gymnastics tumbler and swimmer, and he just finished the American Red Cross Life Guarding course where he was first in his class. Karol Warden nominated Jim and said, “Jim is as nice as he can be, and the epitome of a freshman determined to be successful in life.”

Our first Teacher of the Month is Amy Cain. Amy teaches seventh and eighth grade Science at Kirk Middle School. Though she is new to the school, she is known for bringing creative and innovative ways to teaching. Monique Ceasor nominated Amy and said, “She challenges students to make connections to what they learn in class to real life. She also has high expectations of her students and provides support by modeling and demonstrating patience to her students. [She] works collaboratively with other teachers and administration to plan lessons and activities to make the middle school experience educationally sound and fun all at the same time. We are happy to call her part of the East Cleveland City School family!”

Eric Leuthold is our next Teacher of the Month. Eric teaches ninth grade Special Education English, History and Science. Brenda Frankart nominated Eric and said, “I am so impressed with the level of learning and accomplishments his freshman special education students have been able to achieve this year. I have been continually impressed with [the students’] levels of critical thinking, understanding, applications to the topics in the real world, as well as their collaboration and use of technology. He makes the topics exciting, and the students are accomplishing so much!”

Michelle Wroda teaches Math at Sidney City School and is our next Teacher of the Month. She is described as “caring and fun, kind and down to earth.” Thomas Wolaver nominated Michelle and said, “Michelle always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She is beyond willing to work with the students who are struggling as well as being open to communicate with their parents. She gives extra time to those who need it. She strives to make learning as enjoyable and practicable as she can.”

Our next April Teacher of the Month is Lindsay LaRoche. Lindsay teaches ninth grade History at Western Hills High School. She is described as a “super talented teacher.” Karen Adams nominated Lindsay and said, “All her students love her and her courses. Somehow, she manages to connect all this history to present-day situations and ties her content to her students’ lives now. Her classes are so interesting and engaging, we are all joyfully learning effortlessly, even while remote. The best kind of learning!”

Ashley Cradlebraugh is our next April Teacher of the Month. Ashley teaches second grade at Walnut Elementary School. She is described as an incredible educator. Greg Kovack nominated Ashley and said, “She is a leader withing our building, using technology and developing hands-on lessons. She meets with her students during planning and lunch times and communicates with parents daily.”

Becky Hall is our next Teacher of the Month. Becky teaches twelfth grade English and College Credit Plus English at River High School. Along with her classroom duties, she is a teacher-leader and serves on the River High School Building Leadership Team. Ed Trionoff nominated Becky and said, “Becky Hall is the consummate professional. She takes her work very seriously and ensures her students are prepared for college once they leave her classroom.”

Hope Morrison teaches third grade at Brimfield Elementary School and is an April Teacher of the Month. She is known for always having a smile and kind word. Kari Walchalk has a child in Hope’s class and nominated her for Teacher of the Month. Kari said, “Hope Morrison stands out […] because of her tireless efforts to keep learning personal even during this difficult time. Hope offers students the opportunity to stretch themselves academically and personally with enrichment opportunities and leadership roles in the classroom. Students can also test into enrichment lessons beyond the traditional curriculum, which promotes student meta cognition and drive to grow. Hope adds that personal touch to an already outstanding family feeling at Field Local Schools.”

Jenna Agnone is our next Teacher of the Month. Jenna is a seventh grade Intervention Specialist at Struthers Middle School. She is known for her enthusiasm in the classroom and how much she cares for her students. Amanda McNinch nominated Jenna and said, “Jenna works tirelessly with her students who benefit from specially designed instruction. By partnering with her co-teaching colleagues, administrators, parents and colleagues, Jenna finds the time and energy to support students to do their best work. By identifying and delivering different types of instruction and motivation to groups of children or individuals one-on-one, Jenna uses a tremendous amount of skill and intuition. Kids who get to work with Jenna have no doubt how much she cares about them and their learning.”

Our last Teacher of the Month is Pamela Waltenbaugh. Pamela teaches Chemistry for grades nine through twelve at Cloverleaf High School. Jamie Lormeau nominated Pamela and said, “[She] is one of the most gifted educators I have known in my 28-year career. Not only is she highly knowledgeable in the area of pedagogy and her content area, but she is especially talented at creating a classroom environment where even the most reluctant students want to learn and do well. Hers is a rare gift – the teacher that can be demanding yet warm, hold high expectation, yet build confidence among the students that they can reach them. She is an obvious choice for this recognition.”

Congratulations to all of our April Partners in Education winners! You can nominate an outstanding student or teacher for Academic All Star and Teacher of the Month online by Clicking Here. Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on the 10th of every month.
Posted: 5/11/2021 3:00:00 PM

New Scratch-Offs Coming May 11

They say April showers bring May flowers, but when you’re talking lottery, the answer is always new scratch-offs! Get ready for four new scratch-offs coming May 11.

The $1 scratch-off Give Me 5 has a top prize of $5,000. If you reveal a "5" symbol, win prize shown to the right of that symbol. Reveal a hand symbol and win $5 automatically!

Feel the nostalgia of the old video game arcade with the $2 PAC-MAN scratch-off. Chomp, err, scratch your way to the $10,000 top prize. In each game, scratch off the six play spots. If PAC-MAN goes from start to finish without running into a ghost symbol, you win the prize for that GAME. Find the cherry symbol to win the prize shown automatically or reveal a key symbol to win $10 automatically.

Get the $5 Triple Double Lucky 7s scratch-off and you could find the $150,000 top prize. Reveal three identical symbols in the same spin, and you win the prize shown for that spin. If you find two identical symbols and a 2X symbol in the same spin, and win double the prize shown for that spin. Reveal two identical symbols and a 3X symbol in the same spin, and win triple the prize shown for that spin.

Get ready for the $10 scratch-off Triple 777. This game has a top prize of $500,000. Find the red 7 symbol and win the prize shown automatically. Reveal a double red 7 symbol and win double the prize shown. Reveal a triple red 7 symbol and win triple the prize shown!

These new scratch-offs will be available May 11 at your favorite Ohio Lottery retailer.
Posted: 5/10/2021 1:35:48 PM

Going Behind the Scenes with PACMAN®

Whether it was on a home gaming system or in an arcade, chances are you’ve played PAC-MAN® at some point!

We’re really excited to bring back the nostalgia of the iconic video game with the new $2 PAC-MAN scratch-off and EZPLAY® tickets coming in May.

Last month, commercial production for the game got underway.

Zagara’s Marketplace and Mike’s Convenient Store in Cleveland Heights served as the backdrops for the commercials promoting the new PAC-MAN games and the winning life the character is now living outside of the video game.

Sparks fly as PAC-MAN busts out of the video game and into the convenience store ready to make his purchases with quarters, of course!

These spots will both bring back memories and show you PAC-MAN in a new three-dimensional light.

We’ve got a lot of fun to come in the next few months after the PAC-MAN games launch on May 11.

Keep an eye on our social channels for updates on the PAC-MAN scratch-off and EZPLAY games, second chance promotions and a fun live event on Facebook you can join to play along and win prizes!

PAC-MAN®&©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Posted: 5/7/2021 1:52:40 PM

Welcoming May with Winner Wednesday

We’ve made it to Wednesday, and that means winner stories! Keep reading to see who’s winning in Ohio in this week’s Winner Wednesday.

Eric Lambert of Findlay has one million reasons to celebrate this week. He won the $1,000,000 top prize playing Cash Celebration! Eric chose the annuity prize option and will receive his prize in $40,000 installments for 25 years. He purchased his winning ticket at Casey’s General Store #3778, located at 1403 North Main St. in Findlay.

William Blunt of Youngstown scratched his way to a big win. He won $20,000 playing Platinum Millionaire! William purchased his winning ticket at Danconet, located at 57 North Main St. in Poland.

Lillie Threadgill of Toledo will be celebrating her big win for the next decade. She won the top prize of $2,500 a month for 10 years playing Decade of Dollars! Lillie will receive a total prize of $300,000 awarded in $30,000 installments for 10 years. She purchased her winning ticket at S&G #83, located at 4828 Monroe St. in Toledo.

Mebrahtu Woldemichael of Columbus is feeling extreme after winning $50,000 playing Extreme Millions! Mebrahtu purchased the winning ticket at Super Saver, located at 555 South Hamilton Rd. in Whitehall.

Michael Roman of Warren is celebrating a dazzling win. He won $20,000 playing $300 Million Diamond Dazzler! Michael purchased his winning ticket at Country Fair Store #67, located at 1143 North Canfield Niles Rd. in Austintown.

Carole Disbennett of Heath multiplied the money and won big. She won $50,000 playing Money Multiplier! Carole purchased her winning ticket at Hebron Duchess #1113, located at 102 East Main St. in Hebron.

James Schiefer of Bucyrus is celebrating a top prize win. He won the top prize on $250,000 Taxes Paid! James purchased his winning ticket at Circle K #5653, located at 405 North Sandusky St. in Bucyrus.

Randolph Wilkins of Cleveland scratched his way to a big win. He won $50,000 playing Money Multiplier! Randolph purchased his winning ticket at Convenient Food Mart, located at 9105 Denison Ave. in Cleveland.

Marques Reasonover of Toledo is celebrating a big Ohio win. He won $20,000 playing Ohio Millions! Marques purchased his winning ticket at Island Variety, located at 722 Dearborn Ave. in Toledo.

Congratulations to all of this week’s winners! Keep sending us your wins on social media (after you cashed them of course!) with the hashtag #IWonTheOHLottery!
Posted: 5/5/2021 12:00:00 PM

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

This week, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we're sending out a big thank you to Ohio teachers.

Our mission at the Ohio Lottery is to generate funding in support of K-12 education, but our mission means nothing without the dedicated educators across Ohio.

No doubt, 2020 brought a multitude of challenges, but teachers kept going.

Despite masks, Plexiglas barriers, and virtual schooling, our Ohio teachers worked to keep students engaged and learning.

At the Ohio Lottery, we admire the work teachers do and our Partners in Education program seeks to recognize educators who are going above and beyond to help students succeed in the classroom. 

You can nominate outstanding teachers every month. Nominations are accepted through the 10th of every month October to May.

There's still time to nominate teachers and students before the school year ends. To nominate a teacher for Teacher of the Month, click here.

Posted: 5/3/2021 9:07:24 AM

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