Retailers make safety a top priority, finding ways to connect with customers and employees

Retailers are stepping up to make the shopping experience in this time of pandemic a good one, and they’re doing it with an eye for safety, sprinkled with enthusiasm, humor and care.Two-of-Chuck-s-employee,-Cindy-Jen,-Poland-Giant-Eagle.jpg

Over the course of the summer, you’ll hear more about them. On behalf of the Ohio Lottery and the entire Ohio workforce, we give each and every one a shout out for their enthusiasm and care.

Chuck Zander, an owner of the family-owned Poland Giant Eagle, recently held a contest with employees to create some fun out of the time’s difficult circumstances.

“I felt that a little fun needed to be injected into this to keep morale up, so we had a homemade mask contest,” said Chuck.  The prize was a $100 gift card, and he gave everyone who participated a $25 gift card

Tallmadge-Giant-Ealge,-Megan-front-Heather2.jpgWe also recently heard from Heather, an employee of the Tallmadge Giant Eagle. She was super excited that one of her store customers appeared on a recent Play@Home version of Cash Explosion. The Tallmadge resident won $8,400 and was looking forward to seeing the employee recognized in a photo. 

You’ll see Heather here, and Megan, another Tallmadge Giant Eagle employee, behind her.

Being mindful of ways to keep everyone safe, from frequent sanitizing, to wearing of masks, to social distancing and being patient through all this – we find these employees who work for our licensed network of retailers inspiring. 

Thank you for your service to each and every one of us.
Posted: 5/27/2020 11:25:07 AM

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