February Partners in Education - Academic All Stars

Congratulations to our February winners for the Partners in Education program!

Click Here to learn more about our Partners in Education program and nominate an outstanding student or teacher. Nominations are due by 5 p.m. on the 10th of each month.

Read about our awesome students:

Madison Rausch“Maddie greets her principal every morning in the car line with a smile and a hug. At lunchtime, Maddie volunteers to help clean the cafeteria instead of rushing out to recess. After her help is no longer needed, she always offers another hug before leaving. After school, Madison can be found doing one of the many activities she has tried and fallen in love with like swimming, playing ball, gymnastics and baking. Recently, I attended church where Maddie was singing with the children’s choir. I saw her at school and complimented her solo performance during the service to which she replied that she was so nervous and not sure if she would do it again, but she was glad she tried. The perfect summary of Madison as a person; not always sure of herself, but willing to give anything a shot.” – Beth Hench, Administrator

“Hailey is an excellent student, earning straight A’s allHailey Moore year. Hailey has adjusted well to 7th grade, as she accelerated an entire grade level this school year, so these are all new peers to Hailey. She has made friends easily and is kind to others. She works to the expectations of the classroom teacher, and then works beyond that. Hailey has taken it upon herself to enter the County Science Fair after earning first place in the Milton-Union Middle School Science Fair this year. Hailey has a caring heart, often stopping to say hello to her teacher’s children, send get well cards and exiting the class with a, ‘Have a great day, Miss Shade!’ She is an awesome 7th grader and a joy to have in the class.”  - Jennifer Shade, Teacher

Jaycee Goodman“Jaycee is very focused to be the best at everything she takes on. Her grades are all A’s, and she is a member of the Honor Roll. She is a cheerleader for both the football and basketball squads and is captain of the basketball squad. She is also active in the Hop Club that works to help those students who are struggling with school. Jaycee has become a very accomplished gymnast and works to perfect her tumbling. Always a smile on her face, Jaycee is an asset to LMS in so many ways!” – Karol Warden, Coach

“Hannah is enrolled in college prep courses and collegeHannah Raper credit plus courses at River. She maintains over a 3.9 GPA on a 4.0 scale while carrying a demanding and challenging schedule. Hannah is not only an excellent student, but she is a stellar athlete in volleyball, basketball, and softball. Hannah has led her basketball team to a magnificent 19-2 record, with two losses coming from schools much bigger than ours. As you can see, Hannah is a well-rounded student and is very deserving of this award.” – Ed Trifonoff, Administrator

Simone Light“Simone is kind and attentive. She was elected by her class as student council. She gets good grades and is very outgoing. She loves her school and cares about the school and is fond of her teacher, Mr. Frost. She will go out of her way to help another student and is known throughout the school as the go-to to get things done. She has a great smile and a loving heart for her favorite classes, reading and art. She hopes to write a book for kids one day with a positive, uplifting story to help other kids be positive.” – Brian Light, Parent

“She is a stand-out student in many ways. Nikki is aNikki Freet very hard worker and takes her grades and schoolwork seriously. She attends to detail and makes sure to be thorough at all times. Nikki is dependable as well. As her teacher, I can count on her to be on time, prepared, and to encourage others to do the same. She is involved with our school serving in many ways and in countless groups. She gives her time to make our school a better place. She is also thoughtful, kind, and respectful. Nikki makes sure to treat others in a way that makes them feel as they are valued.” – Keely Kandel, Teacher

Isabella Szmania“Isabella is very considerate and accepting of other people. She works hard to get her work done at an excellent level and helps other people to be their best as well. She makes every classroom that she is in better. She is thoughtful and insightful with her work. Her smile lights up the room. Keep up the great work Isabella and keep being you!” – Cathy Aviles, Administrator

"Samuel demonstrates Saint Martin strength bySamuel Feliciano regularly attending office hours and frequently  checking in with academic support coaches. He has received no behavior incidents and is learning to take responsibility and hold himself accountable for academic progress. Samuel is committed to improving his academic performance and seeks support to build his toolbox for learning.” – Gina Eaton, Administrator 
Posted: 3/22/2023 10:33:54 AM