May Partners in Education Teachers of the Month

Congratulations to our May Teachers of the Month!

Check out our outstanding teachers across Ohio:

Brad Zahar“Mr. Zahar goes above and beyond to support all the students in his classroom. He works hard to ensure all students are working up to their potential and giving them the extra push if needed. He makes learning fun and creative to keep students involved.” - Kaylee Harrell, Parent

“Elizabeth does an amazing job of engaging the fire ofElizabeth Hamaker music in our students! Her organization and planning leads to magical results with our students. She nurtures and provides strong instruction to our novice students at the middle school level and holds high expectations for our high school students. The Fremont Ross High School orchestra recently earned a superior score from all three judges at the state orchestra contest. These students excelled under Ms. Hamaker’s leadership to earn superior marks for both their performance and their planning.” - Denice Hirt, Faculty Member

Christine Hinegardner“Christine is constantly going out of her way to help her students. She has volunteered for mentor programs in addition to the everyday demands of teaching. Christine is innovative and looking for new ways to motivate and engage the students. She sets high expectations for each student, meets them where they are and pushes them to want to achieve more. Christine is an integral part of the ELA team as well as the 4/5 team.” - Jeff Reese, Administrator

“Mrs. Brooks has provided her students with multipleMargaret Brooks opportunities to explore careers throughout this school year through the Career Experiences classes. Students have done internships, job shadowing, tours of business, took a field trip to the statehouse, met with the Governor, etc. She has also brought the opportunity to students to become STNAs to our high school, and several students have taken the test and passed. She as written grants which have helped pay for the programs she offers to her students. We are thankful for Mrs. Brooks and the work she does in our district.” - Brian Dalton, Administrator

Ashley Sechkar“She has a personality that lights up a room when she walks in, always happy and chipper. This type of personality carries over to those she is around and makes everyone’s day better. She truly cares about her students and providing them a positive learning environment. I believe she is more than deserving of this award.” - Joel Porter, Parent

Debbie Campbell
“Debbie Campbell is an amazing teacher who cares about every single student she comes into contact with. She goes out of her way to make sure each student grows throughout the school year, getting them the help they need to be successful readers and writers… She is a positive role model for everyone in the elementary building – students and adults alike.” Bonnie Luker, Peer Teacher

Julia Nicol“She makes math come to life for her students. Miss Nicol works closely with her fellow fifth grade math partner at Port Washington Elementary to align rigorous, standards-based instruction while still making learning fun. Miss Nicol is quickly becoming one of Midvale students’ most favorite teachers. Since Miss Nicol has arrived, Midvale Elementary has seen achievement and growth arise in fifth grade math. Miss Nicol is a team player, and our team is better for adding her to it.” Jody Ditcher, Administrator

Congratulations to the Teachers of the Month! Stay tuned for our May Academic All Stars.
Posted: 7/12/2022 12:00:00 PM