May Partners in Education Academic All Stars

Congratulations to our May Academic All Stars!

Read about May’s amazing students:

Cay'Von Rocker“Cay’Von Rocker is a young gentleman, and he is paying attention to things happening in the world around him. Cay’Von is one of our outstanding new chess players. He pays attention to chess games and instructions and is kind to students and teachers. On April 12, 2022, Cay’Von was put on the Principal’s List for having the highest GPA.” - Yolanda Woodberry, Chess Coach

Houston Cassidy
“Houston puts forth much effort in his science work. He is quick to volunteer ideas in class, whether it be during whole-class discussion or small group work time. His behavior in science class serves as a good example of how to be a successful and responsible student.” - Kim Gainey, Teacher

Karli Krohn“Karli is a very outstanding young lady. She excels in everything she does. She is an honor student, maintaining all As in her classwork. She is active in gymnastics, swimming, AAU basketball for Cincy Swish, Lineshot Club volleyball and is active in her church in Hope Squad. Karli also always volunteers to help someone who is struggling. She takes “team player” to a new level — she is modest and does not take credit for a great play but credits the other person. She is a great role model for others. She never gives up and always tries to do her best. Karli brings out the best in others by her positive leadership.” - Karol Warden, Coach
Charlotte Tartell
“Charlotte is very deserving of this consideration. She is unique and wonderful in her own way… She is interesting, looks at things from a different point of view and is quite kind.” - Kelli Saksa, Counselor

Kade Rotter“Kade Rotter is an unsung champ in Crestwood Schools. He deserves to be recognized for both academic and social reasons. Kade is a quick learner and his studies are important to him. He strives to meet deadlines. While in class, Kade stays engaged in learning. He participates and asks really good questions. He is a role model for his peers. Kade is responsible and following the rules comes naturally to him.” - Kimberly Marfy, Teacher

Kendall Polen
"Kendall Polen is an exemplary high school student! She is dedicated, hardworking and extremely motivated to reach optimal levels of achievement. In addition to being a phenomenal student, she is also a great teammate! Kendall is always willing to help and support her team. Her integrity and grit are nothing short of amazing. We are so grateful to recognize Kendall as an Indian Valley Brave.” - Brandy Grant, Administrator

Benjamin Brooks“Benjamin is a natural born leader. He is the current student body president and has gone above and beyond the required duties. Benjamin has a true passion for others and it shows in everything he does. This year, thanks to Benjamin’s leadership and the student council, HSA will hold its first prom ever. Benjamin is also a leader within his teen group at his church. He continues to have a positive impact on those around him.” - Nina Brooks, Parent

Congrats, students! Check back this fall for more information on our Partners in Education program.
Posted: 7/14/2022 12:00:00 PM