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Meet Our Retailer-of-the-Week, Sunoco!

Congratulations to this week's Retailer-of-the-Week, Sunoco.

Many Lottery players make Sunoco in Columbus a regular stop because the store and its employees provide just what they're looking for.

Customers get fast and accurate service, and Sunoco has a dedicated Lottery area to purchase and play games.

Plus, new games always get the feature spot.

Give Sunoco in Columbus a try the next time you're looking for a new Ohio Lottery game. 

Posted: 2/28/2022 11:35:49 AM

Winners! Winners! Everywhere!

We recently got some awesome oversized checks for our winners to stop and snap a photo after their winning claims, and those checks got a lot of work in the last week!

Let’s recap some of the week’s Ohio Lottery winners celebrating their big wins!
John from New London is having a really great week. He bought a Monopoly 200X Scratch-Off and won the game’s top prize of $5 million! He chose the annuity, so he’ll receive $200,000 a year for the next 25 years. He bought his winning ticket at Mickey Mart #18 in Wellington.Victoria

Victoria won $10,000 playing Monopoly 200X! East River Convenient in Elyria sold the winning ticket.
Hipolito won $12,500 playing the $10 EZPLAY® Match 5 Doubler. He bought his winning ticket at Buckeye Pub & Grub in Norwalk.
Ron stopped by the Giant Eagle in Ravenna and picked up a $300 Million Diamond Dazzler Scratch-Off. He was delighted to find it was a $10,000 winner!
Winners Galore Wednesday
Today is the last Winner$ Galore Wednesday on our Facebook page. Stop by and comment your guess today for a chance to win Winner$ Galore Scratch-Offs.

You could be our next featured winner! Make sure you ask for a photo with the big check when you visit a regional office to claim your prize.
Posted: 2/23/2022 1:30:03 PM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, Northbend Express

Don't want to get out of the car?

When you visit Northbend Express in Cincinnati you don't have to because they sell Ohio Lottery games inside the store and at the drive thru!

You'll get fast service and a staff that knows all about the Lottery products they sell. They'll even recommend a game for you!

The store keeps everyone updated on recent winners, current jackpots, and new games. 

The employees at Northbend Express love to have fun with players by celebrating all wins. They also cash all winning tickets.

Stop in or drive thru for your next Lottery purchase at Northbend Express! 


Posted: 2/21/2022 10:40:40 AM

Scam Alert!

The scammers are at it again!

Recently, several scam posts are showing up trying to imitate Ohio Lottery social pages and promotions. 

Most recently, a follower was contacted by a scammer and asked her to set up a bank account and give personal information to claim a prize.  

Don't fall victim to messages on social media claiming to be from the Ohio Lottery.

When you see on one of these comments that ask you to direct message an account you don't know, you should not engage with the comment. 

Some other helpful tips to protect your information include:
  • Unless you specifically entered a promotion or second-chance drawing sponsored by the Ohio Lottery Commission, you will never be contacted by us informing you that you have won a prize.
  • Never accept a collect call from anyone claiming to be an Ohio Lottery official
  • Keep your credit card and bank account numbers to yourself.
  • Be sure you are on the Ohio Lottery’s official social channels when talking about the lottery online. Look for the blue check mark before interacting on social media.
You can also find our official social media pages here:
  • Our official Facebook handle is @OhioLottery
  • Our official Instagram handle is @OHLottery
  • Our official Twitter handle is @OHLottery
If you ever have a question about an email or call you receive claiming that you have won a large prize, contact our customer service line at 1-800-686-4208. You can find additional Security Awareness tips on our website.
Posted: 2/18/2022 12:06:11 PM

January Partners in Education

Join us in celebrating our Academic All Stars and Teachers of the Month for January! You can nominate an outstanding student or teacher for Academic All Star and Teacher of the Month online by clicking here. Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on the 10th of every month.

Check out our awesome Ohio students and teachers:

Loretta Johnson, Academic All Star"Loretta Johnson continues to demonstrate academic excellence and high achievement across all content areas. Her contagious acts of kindness and willingness to excel as a middle school student is a true testament of her character.” - Brandy Grant, School Performance Coach

Emma Gasper, Academic All StarEmma has been able keep her grades up despite some obstacles that have come her way. She received the presidential award for excellence this year and is described as a great friend to her peers, helping them every chance she gets.

G'Aria Morrison, Academic All Star“G’Aria is a silent leader. She encourages her peers to be better students. She makes sure details for projects and tasks are executed for completion. While she does not demand the spotlight, I want her to know she and her hard work are noticed and appreciated.” - Yolanda Lawson, Teacher

Kristin Burrier, Teacher of the Month“At a time when many have lost focus due the pandemic flaring world-wide, Mrs. Kirstin Burrier has managed to teach, lead and learn though it all. We are grateful for her resilience, persistence and steadfast leadership.” - Jody Ditcher, Administrator

Lisa Bachman, Teacher of the Month“The first time I came into Lisa Bachman’s room I could tell in many aspects how much she cared about her students and how compassionate she was about teaching. She was attentive to her students who only had school experience of being hybrid and remote for kindergarten. She tackles every day with a smile on and fresh slates for everyone.” - Kristen Webb, Teacher

John Wilson, Teacher of the Month“John puts in many hours getting students ready for life after high school by teaching them life lessons: banking, buying food items and clothing items, reading about the products and making wise decisions. John loves his students and teaches them to believe in themselves and to be victorious not only in their schoolwork, but in their everyday lives.” - Coach Karol Warden

Congratulations to our January Partners in Education winners!
Posted: 2/17/2022 10:15:00 AM

Mobile Cashing Limit Increased to $25,000

Ohio Lottery winners have been enjoying the convenience of cashing lottery prizes up to $5,000 through the Ohio Lottery Mobile Cashing App and at Super Retailer locations across the state since 2020, and now the limit is going up.

Starting February 16, 2022, you can cash prizes of $50 to $25,000 using the Ohio Lottery Mobile Cashing App.

Previously, you could cash prizes up to $5,000.

Just like when you claim in one of our offices, the state and federal tax will be withheld from prizes of $5,000 to $25,000 that are cashed using the mobile cashing app.

Make sure you update your Ohio Lottery Mobile App to access the increased cashing limit.

Mobile Cashing requires a MyLotto Rewards Account and a bank account to have your winnings deposited.  

To learn more about mobile cashing, click here.
Posted: 2/16/2022 12:31:32 PM

New MONOPOLY Scratch-Offs Coming February 15!

Get ready to have some fun that could last you a lifetime! 

Our newest MONOPOLY For Life family of scratch-offs will be available in four price points and are headed to your favorite Ohio Lottery retailer on February 15!  

The $1 MONOPOLY $50 a Day for Life scratch-off from the Ohio Lottery gives you the chance to win $50 a day for life. If any one or more of your numbers match the MONOPOLY  Number, you win the prize shown below your matching number(s). If you find the MR. MONOPOLY symbol, you win $50 a day for life!

Try the MONOPOLY $1,000 a Week for Life scratch-off from the Ohio Lottery. Look for the MR. MONOPOLY symbol when you scratch this $2 ticket, because he’s your key to the top prize of $1,000 a week for life!

The $5 MONOPOLY $10,000 a Month for Life scratch-off from the Ohio Lottery gives you a chance to win $10,000 a month.  Reveal a train symbol and win the prize shown automatically. If you find the MR. MONOPOLY symbol, you win $10,000 a month for life.

With the $10 MONOPOLY $250,000 a Year for Life scratch-off from the Ohio Lottery, if any one or more of your numbers match any of the MONOPOLY numbers, you win the prize shown below your matching number(s). When you reveal a train symbol, you win the prize shown automatically. Find a top hat symbol and win ALL 20 prizes shown automatically. Reveal the MR. MONOPOLY symbol and you win $250,000 a year for life!

The fun begins February 15! Learn more about this scratch-off and the entire lineup of Ohio Lottery Scratch-Offs by clicking here.

Posted: 2/14/2022 3:52:49 PM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, 25A Drive Thru!

25A Drive Thru in Troy is this week's Ohio Lottery Retailer-of-the-Week.

Excellent customer service puts 25A Drive Thru at the top of the list with customers.

This retailer has a strong customer base of Lottery players because of the store’s fast and efficient service.  

The staff at 25A Drive Thru take care of players by getting to know them and being friendly. 

You'll have fun at 25A Drive Thru, so give them a try for your next Lottery purchase.


Posted: 2/14/2022 11:31:20 AM

Winner! Winner! Winner Wednesday!

We've got players basking in the glow of their Ohio Lottery wins on this Winner Wednesday!

Austin from Wellston won $10,000 playing MONOPOLY 200X.

He travels for work and says he makes it a point to grab a MONOPOLY 200X scratch-off wherever he goes.

Austin bought his winning ticket at The Filling Station in Jackson.

Steven played a $5 EZPLAY QUICK SPOT and picked up half of the jackpot.

He won $45,176! He bought his winning ticket at Car-E-It Party Shop in Ottawa.

Rolling Cash 5 players were on a roll last week.

Giant Eagle in Lyndhurst sold a jackpot-winning ticket worth $150,000 in the February 5 drawing.

Charlie's Carryout in Dayton and John's Carryout in Cincinnati each sold winning Rolling Cash 5 jackpot tickets for the February 7 drawing. Each winner will receive $55,000!

Some lucky Ohio Lottery fans who stopped by our booth at the Great Big Home & Garden Show in Cleveland walked away big winners. 

Players could enter any non-winning scratch-off for a chance to win $100 in Winner$ Galore Scratch-Offs.

Nick, Diedre, Karrie-Ann and Ashanta all walked away with tickets!

You can stop by our booth this weekend at the Home & Garden Show at the IX Center in Cleveland for some more Ohio Lottery fun and your chance to win prizes.

Congratulations to all of our lucky winners!

You can share your story with us on social media. After you cash your winning ticket, share it with us using #IWonTheOHLottery. 
Posted: 2/9/2022 11:54:37 AM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, AJ's Carryout!

Meet the friendly staff at AJ’s Carryout in Leipsic!

This retailer welcomes you in with a clean and fun environment for Lottery players.  

Employees at AJ’s Carryout aren't just knowledgeable about Lottery products, they keep their players posted on all of the jackpots and any new Ohio Lottery Scratch-Offs.

They know most customers by name and give them the VIP service they deserve.  

The store holds a second chance drawing every month on Facebook Live, and there's a monthly competition among staff to see who can sell the most Lottery games.

Stop by AJ's Carryout and see what it's like to be a Lottery VIP!


Posted: 2/7/2022 10:48:43 AM

Winner Wednesday

It's Wednesday, and that means one thing.

It's time to celebrate some of our recent winners!

Davey from Sandusky played Monopoly 200X and won $1,000!

How did he use his winnings? He shared it by buying his wife a Nintendo Switch she's been wanting for a while. Game on!

Joey from Mansfield scratched $1 Million Merry and Bright and picked up a $1,000 prize.

He's celebrating his birthday and buying himself a new air compressor. Happy birthday and congratulations on your win, Joey!

One Ohio Lottery player won $3 million in the Mega Millions drawing on January 28, 2022 drawing.

The lucky ticket holder matched the first five numbers and selected Megaplier, taking the $1 million prize to $3 million. The winner hasn't claimed the prize yet.

C's Beverage & Deli in Cleveland sold the winning ticket.

Deli-4-Less in Westlake sold a $110,000 Rolling Cash 5 jackpot ticket for the January 30, 2022 drawing.

The winning numbers were 1-31-32-35-38. The winner hasn't claimed the prize yet.

You get a chance to win every Wednesday this month with our Winner$ Galore Wednesdays giveaway on Facebook.

Watch for today's post for your chance to win Winner$ Galore scratch-offs!

Posted: 2/2/2022 9:22:25 AM

In the Know!

Don't let the wintery temps keep you from some fun with us!

This month we've got new Scratch-Offs headed your way and a second chance promotion for a chance to win once-in-a-lifetime trips.

Plus our Facebook page is the place to be on Wednesdays.

Click here to get the scoop on it all in this month's In the Know!

Posted: 2/1/2022 2:15:02 PM

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