Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, Friendly Express #6

Friendly Express #6 in Ashland is this week's Retailer-of-the-Week, and they're ready to offer you top notch customer service!

This retailer has been selling Lottery for over 10 years and promotes its Lottery business with both Ohio Lottery signs and handmade signs for when the jackpots are high.

They even put together a Lottery-themed wreath to celebrate the holidays.

You won't find empty bins, either. Friendly Express always keeps scratch-off bins fully stocked.  

The employees are enthusiastic, will wish you good luck, and encourage you to come back. They'll even get to know you and which games you love.

Check out Friendly Express #6 in Ashland!

Posted: 12/5/2022 10:27:17 AM