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Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, Lester's Tobacco Shack

Lester’s Tobacco Shack in Celina is this week's Retailer-of-the-Week!

They focus on keeping your lottery experience fun and exciting.

You can pop into Lester's Tobacco Shack to purchase your Lottery games and use their dedicated play area, or you can purchase your games through the store's drive thru! 

The staff at Lester's receive extensive training on all Lottery products, and new tickets are always immediately activated and displayed for sale.  

Stop by Lester's Tobacco Shack for fast and efficient service for your next Ohio Lottery purchase.


Posted: 12/26/2022 10:54:53 AM

November Partners in Education Winners Part 2

Written by Dessiona Jackson

The November Partners in Education Teachers of the Month are in!

Click Here to learn more about our Partners in Education program and nominate an outstanding student or teacher. Nominations are due by 5 p.m. on the 10th of each month.

Read below to learn more about the Teachers of the Month for November:

Katrina Hicks“Ms. Hicks has taken the bull by the horns and laid a great foundation for student growth. Her students like to challenge her, but she stays the course and adheres to our vision: Every Child. Every Day. Together. She takes the time to listen to students and give them what they need. She engages parents by calling them and having them participate in conferences. She knows it takes a village to raise a child. She also did an outstanding project with her students about culture. She even brought in foods for her class to sample as well as teaching them about the rich history of Mayans.” – Jean Rizi, Administrator

“Mrs. Koch is a veteran teacher who brings the sameCheryl Koch enthusiasm and care to her students on a daily basis as she did when I first worked with her 22 years ago. Her dedication to the growth of the individual student and consideration she takes for communicating with parents is unparalleled. Mrs. Koch is an excellent role model for many of the younger teachers on staff. Many high school graduates list Mrs. Koch as their all-time favorite teacher when they are asked. The impression she leaves on each student she teaches not only excites them as first graders but gives them fond memories that last a lifetime. ” – Karl Lammers, Administrator

Sara Brown“Mrs. Brown is an outstanding teacher. Her student-centered classroom allows for her students to have personalized academic experiences where they can be creative and think outside of the box. Mrs. Brown has been a leader in honoring community partners such as veterans and goes above and beyond to integrate herself into all school and community functions. Mrs. Brown is a huge reason why Botkins continues to be one of the top small schools in West Central Ohio and in the state.” – Jeff McPheron, Administrator 

“Pam is an outstanding teacher. She differentiates thePam Harp instruction in her classroom to meet her student’s needs. She works well with parents and other staff to coordinate goals for her students and monitor student progress. When a student comes along who would benefit from her instruction, she welcomes them because she knows she can help. She is able to keep a smile on her face each day and helps to make all students feel welcome and successful. Pam also helps to support her colleagues and she makes sacrifices to help the school be successful.” – Kim Beam, Administrator

Kim Montgomery“Kim goes above and beyond her required duties as a teacher and department head. She is one of the first people to conquer a task and create solutions to any concern we may have as a building. This year she created the “Chromebook Issues” chart, which documented possible issues, solutions and outcomes. The chart is a great way for all staff to make sure we are on the same page. Kim also has taken time out of her planning to make sure our new Guided Study aides were more successful. We wouldn’t know what to do without Mrs. Montgomery and we are so happy she is a part of our team! Go Kim!” – Jeffery Endres, Administrator
“Mrs. Carey operates a Christmas outreach program forAngie Carey our area called Angel Tree. Because of her, thousands of families have had a wonderful Christmas. She works very hard on this program and donates many hours of her time.” – Monica Mahlmeister, Administrator 

Taylor Nussbaum“Mrs. Taylor Nussbaum is a positive influence each and every day for both her students and teaching peers at Hazel Harvey Elementary School. She comes to work each day ready for any challenge and looking to provide effective and meaningful instruction for her students. She models respect and care for her students daily and holds them accountable when they are not giving their best. Positive reinforcement and encouraging words are heard often coming from Mrs. Nussbaum, allowing her students to feel loved and cared for by their teacher. Because of her positive attitude and energy, as well as her commitment to academic excellence, Mrs. Nussbaum is a priceless asset to the students and families within the Chippewa Local School District.” – Jodie Hughes, Administrator 

Angie Couts“From the first day of school, Mrs. Angie Couts creates and maintains a terrific rapport with her second-grade students. Her ability to connect with all students sets up the ultimate learning environment in which students want to learn and show what they know. Mrs. Couts’ experience, dedication and demeanor all ensure her students her students are prepared for the challenges they’ll face the following year in third grade. She serves as an excellent model for her colleagues and is deserving of the Teacher of the Month award.” – Jody Ditcher, Administrator 

Karen Ebert“When Mrs. Ebert was my teacher back in middle school I had her for choir and show choir. This was a very rough time in my life as it can be for many middle school students. She took time out of her class to talk with me and share Bible verses with me as we both went to church. During this time, she helped lift me up and inspired me to be the best version of myself that I can be. She gave me the confidence to rejoin football in high school and end up winning the Coaches Award my senior year for my efforts in the weight room. We still talk to this day and continues to lift kids up who are in a dark time. She is an inspiration and a true lifesaver.” – Bryan Geist, Former Student

Posted: 12/22/2022 12:42:32 PM

November Partners in Education Winners Part 1

Written by Dessiona Jackson

Congratulations to our November winners for the Partners in Education program.

Click Here to learn more about our Partners in Education program and nominate an outstanding student or teacher. Nominations are due by 5 p.m. on the 10th of each month.

Check out our awesome student winners for November:

Gabriela Balliu“Gabriela is involved in several clubs and activities including Yearbook, Key Club and Difference Makers. She takes Advanced Placement classes as well as College Credit Plus Classes. She is currently ranked in the top 10 in the class of 2023. She is very proactive and constantly seeking opportunities to have a positive impact on the high school or help with anything. Gabriela makes North Olmsted High School a better place for both our students and staff.” – Zach Weagley, Administrator

“Nathan is an outstanding student who is matureNatha Araiza beyond his years. He is always willing to offer a helping hand to fellow students as well as teachers. Nathan always presents himself in a professional manner and continues to impress the staff at Woodward. He takes the most difficult classes and thrives in that environment. He has set his goals for himself and will undoubtedly achieve them. As our valedictorian this year, Nathan has proven himself a worthy recipient of this award.” – Sarah Ramirez, Counselor

Evan Jackle“Evan Jackle is a student who betters not only his peers but his teachers and community. Evan sincerely loves to learn and push himself. In conjunction with his academic rigor and success, Evan is also a Super Star member of our school and community through extra-curricular activities. He participates in both track and cross country, is a leader on our Academic Team and frequently takes on volunteer roles such as working concessions for school events. Outside of school, he helps with his family’s farm. Evan is among the hardest-working, most sincere and most driven students I have ever had the pleasure to teach.” – Danielle George, Teacher

Maggie Franz
“She works very hard to maintain outstanding grades. Maggie goes out of her way to be nice to everyone in the grade. She loves her new school and all her new friends. Maggie is a very outstanding swimmer and just got her JO cuts for state and national. Maggie loves school and loves to swim. I think she is a future Olympian!” – Carol Brown Warden, Coach 

Ava Hickman-Beck“Ava is a hard worker, and she always puts her best foot forward. She participates readily in class. She is always prepared with all supplies and work completed and she always has a great attitude. Ava competes in athletics outside of school where she also excels and works hard. She gives 110 percent in all that she does, and she always manages to have time for her little sister and friends. She is caring and compassionate, and she likes to have fun! She is a great role model to her peers as well as the younger students in the school” – Laura Corcoran, Teacher

“Not only is Leah the number one in her high schoolLeah Shields class (while taking the most rigorous college schedule, I might add), but she is also kind, humble and has a heart for others. I have known Leah for six years and there are really no words to describe what kind of person she is, you just must meet her to know. To help describe it, imagine having a business that you had to leave for someone else to run and it meant trusting them with your livelihood. I wouldn’t think twice for Leah to be at the helm. There is no doubt that she is going to be a monumental success and anyone who helps her on the way will be proud to say that they were a part of it!” -Robin Kimball, Teacher

Braden Williams“Braden has always thrived and has gotten A’s all through school. He is now looking into colleges to attend and is retaking his ACT test to score an even higher score than what he already had to better his chances at maybe receiving some scholarships to help offset the cost of school.” – Trisha Williams, Parent

“Ryleigh Long continues to demonstrate exemplarRyleigh Long behavior in middle school. She is not only conscious of her academic achievement and growth but is also a great role model to her peers. She has excellent attendance and is both responsible and trustworthy.” – Tracy Saho, Teacher

Max Gerbick“Max is a third-grade student at Westview who exudes happiness. Throughout his school day, Max puts forth a great effort in all he does, and he does this with a positive attitude and supportive mindset that impacts others. I have observed his patience and kindness toward students and staff. Besides working hard and being an exemplary role model, Max participates in choir at Westview.” – Nick Moore, Administrator

Stay tuned to read more about November’s Teachers of the Month!
Posted: 12/21/2022 11:34:12 AM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, Gas and Express Marts Suder

Players say that this week's Retailer-of-the-Week, Gas and Express Marts Suder in Toledo is a lucky store!

The staff will celebrate with you when you win, and they'll promote your win with a sign!  

Players can scratch games, fill out bet slips and check tickets at the store’s dedicated Lottery area.

No empty bins here! The bins on the counter are always full and supplies are kept stocked for players.  

Employees will remind you about big jackpots and new games and treat you to an excellent lottery experience.

Try Gas and Express Marts Suder for your next Ohio Lottery purchase!



Posted: 12/19/2022 10:43:46 AM

It's Winner Wednesday!

It's beginning to look a lot like... Winner Wednesday! 

While everyone is wrapping gifts, baking cookies, and taking part in the holiday madness, these winners are celebrating the fun of being an Ohio Lottery winner.

Donald bought a Max the Money scratch-off and won $10,000!

He picked up his lucky winning ticket at Bob's Mini Mart in Akron.

Kenny found some luck in Electric 7's.

He won $10,000! Wales Road One Stop in Massillon sold the winning ticket.

Julie is ready for a home renovation and a car that's paid off thanks to her $50,000 win on Holiday Countdown.

She bought her winning ticket at Circle K #535647 in Northwood.

Don't forget, Ohio Lottery Scratch-Offs make great gift add-ons for your friends and family age 18 and over. 

And any non-winning holiday scratch-offs are your way into the Naughty or Nice Second Chance Promotion through MyLotto Rewards. Click here for more details. 
Posted: 12/14/2022 12:04:24 PM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, Circle Convenience

If you're looking for excellent customer service at a retailer location that ranks in the top ten in their district, visit this week's Retailer-of-the-Week is Circle Convenience in Cleveland.

You can choose from two dedicated Lottery areas to play in. Winner signs are posted throughout the store to encourage customers to try their luck.

Got a winning ticket? You can count on Circle Convenience to cash all winning tickets under $600.  

The staff knows their stuff when it comes to lottery games, and they'll help you play or answer any of your questions.

Stop by Circle Convenience to experience the friendly service for your next Ohio Lottery purchase.


Posted: 12/12/2022 10:34:07 AM

Winner Wednesday

Hello, Wednesday!

It's the mid-point of the week, but it could be your high point with an Ohio Lottery win!

You could be like Brianna from Elyria.

She's celebrating today after winning $10,000 playing the Ohio Lottery scratch-off, Go for the Green!

Brianna bought her lucky ticket at Circle K in Elyria.

How about the 100 lucky lottery players who won $500 in our first Naughty or Nice drawing!

They entered their non-winning holiday scratch-offs and came out on top.

See the list of winners here. 

The second entry period for the next 100 winners runs through January 2, so if you have non-winning holiday scratch-offs you haven't entered you better get busy! 

Enter your tickets through MyLotto Rewards today.

Posted: 12/7/2022 11:38:58 AM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, Friendly Express #6

Friendly Express #6 in Ashland is this week's Retailer-of-the-Week, and they're ready to offer you top notch customer service!

This retailer has been selling Lottery for over 10 years and promotes its Lottery business with both Ohio Lottery signs and handmade signs for when the jackpots are high.

They even put together a Lottery-themed wreath to celebrate the holidays.

You won't find empty bins, either. Friendly Express always keeps scratch-off bins fully stocked.  

The employees are enthusiastic, will wish you good luck, and encourage you to come back. They'll even get to know you and which games you love.

Check out Friendly Express #6 in Ashland!

Posted: 12/5/2022 10:27:17 AM

In the Know!

As you count down the days filled with gift shopping, cookie baking, and just general merriment, don't forget to add some Ohio Lottery fun to your days!

Watch In the Know to get the latest information to make your holidays even more exciting with the Ohio Lottery. 

This month we're talking BIG winners, holiday scratch-offs, and a second chance promotion to see who is naughty or nice.

You don't want to miss it, so click here now.

Posted: 12/1/2022 9:20:56 AM

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