October Partners in Education Winners

October was a frightfully fun month, and these Ohio students and teachers had more than just Halloween to celebrate. Check out our October Partners in Education Academic All Stars and Teachers of the Month.

Our first Academic All Star is Josie Andres. Josie attends Perkins High School and participates in sports, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work. She is known as a diligent worker. Ashlie Gowitzka nominated Josie and said, “She always has a cheery disposition and brightens up any room that she walks in to.”

Dominic Esparza is our next Academic All Star. Dominic is a student at Marshall Stemm Academy. He is described as an extremely hard worker. Douglas Bell nominated Dominic and said, “His hard work and dedication has provided great proof that he is capable of greatness when he puts the effort in. This young man has made an incredible turn-around.”

Our third Academic All Star is Cole Randolph. Cole attends East Palestine Middle School where he currently holds all A’s in his classes. He is known as a very sensitive and supportive peer. Cole participates in drama club and performing arts. He is also a Cub Scout and plays flag football outside of school. Liz Sherry nominated Cole and said, “We are very proud and inspired by his good nature and caring spirit! Cole is a fantastic young man.”

Our next Academic All Star is Rylee Richardson. Rylee is a student at Edison Middle School where she is a member of both band and choir. She is also a member of Junior Teen Institute, Model UN, and the Drama Club. Rylee is described as friendly, kind, helpful and an excellent, diligent student. Dalene Street nominated Rylee and said, “Rylee is the type of young lady every teacher wants to have in class. She clearly has a bright future ahead of her, and we look forward to seeing all the great things yet to come.”

Karsyn Schirm is a November Academic All Star. Karsyn is a seventh-grader at Unioto Middle School. She is very involved in extracurricular activities as a cheerleader, softball player, and member of Student Council and Honor Society. She is known for going above and beyond to help others and excelling in her academics. Judy Abbott nominated Karsyn and said, “Karsyn is one of the kindest, most compassionate seventh grade students that I have ever seen.”

Robert Tomoto is another Academic All Star. Robert is a student at Chambers Elementary School. Niesia Copeland nominated Robert and said, “Robert Tomoto is an exceptional student and a model leader for his peers to follow.” He has been at the top of his class for three years and scores at a college level. He qualified to be a Chambers Elementary School Ambassador and leads the safety patrol.

Our final October Academic All Star is Autumn Young. Autumn is a freshman at Felicity-Franklin High School and taking honors classes. Autumn has had straight A’s since the first grade. She is known for caring about her grades and her love for animals.

Our first October Teacher of the Month is Denise Bevins. Denise teaches first grade at Vincent Elementary School. Lynne Stark is the principal of Vincent Elementary School and Denise’s nominator. Lynne said, “Every day she puts her heart and soul into her kids. They are growing so much!” Denise is described as an amazing teacher inside and out of her classroom. She serves on the school’s leadership team and is always available to offer assistance to students.

Tom Madigan is our next Teacher of the Month. Tom teaches seventh-grade Math at Miamisburg Middle School. Tom is known for always smiling and engaging his students in the classroom. Kelly Thomas, the school principal, nominated Tom and said, “Mr. Madigan has an enthusiasm for math that is contagious to his students. He is kind, patient, uses his sense of humor to engage students during a lesson, and attempts to relate to all students to build rapport and maintain a positive relationship.”

Shannon Mayes teaches sixth-grade Language Arts and Wildlife Conservation at Gallia Academy Middle School and is an October Teacher of the Month. In 2013, Shannon was approached to come up with an outdoor after school activity for some students. What started off as a program for 5-6 students is now a nationally recognized chapter of the TU Teens in conjunction with Trout Unlimited. Group meeting topics include basic fly-fishing skills, conservation, fly tying, knots, casting, and much more. A community service aspect has recently been added to the program where the students help clean up the schools, city park, and historical sites throughout Gallipolis. Craig Wright nominated Shannon for creating educational experiences that will remain with his students throughout their lives.

Donna Parker teaches Science at Dublin Coffman High School and is an October Teacher of the Month. Donna is described as an outstanding teacher who inspires her students. She is known for being approachable and accessible to her students. Felica Burdett nominated Donna and said, “Becoming an excellent teacher is a trajectory that evolves over years of one’s experience, and Donna Parker has definitely defined excellence as a teacher.”

Gina Opdycke is our next Teacher of the Month. She teaches Language Arts at North Olmsted Middle School. She also organizes and runs the school’s Yearbook Club and started a cell phone recycling program. Outside of the classroom, she attends special and sporting events to support her students. Katie Porter nominated Gina and said, “It’s truly a gift to have an educator that is willing to go to such great lengths to build relationships with staff, students, and families.”

Our next Teacher of the Month is Emily Randolph. Emily teaches English at East Palestine High School. She is the advisor for National Honor Society and a volunteer Drama Coach. She also serves on the Building Leadership Team, District Leadership Team, and Key Communicators School/Community Organization. She established a program called Eppy’s Attic where formal wear is collected for students to wear for the school’s events. Liz Sherry nominated Emily and said, “Mrs. Rudolph […] goes above and beyond to make sure as many students as possible reach their full potential to graduate from high school.”

Katie Roth is our next Teacher of the Month. Katie teaches eighth-grade English Language Arts at Dalton Middle School. Along with making a positive impact in the classroom, she takes part in many aspects to make Dalton Middle School effective. Steve Watkins nominated Katie and said, “She is always doing what is best for student learning.”

Kevin Schelb is our next Teacher of the Month. Kevin teaches History at Allen East High School and is described as a “dynamic and high energy teacher.” He spent much of his own time researching and developing ways to get his students to learn and retain World and American History. Keith Baumgartner nominated Kevin and said, “He is always looking for ways to stretch his students.”

Our final October Teacher of the Month is Matt Wilson. Matt teaches eighth-grade American History at Garfield Middle School. He is known for working to build relationships with students and providing engaging learning experiences that inspire students to love American History. Matt recently planned and implemented Patriots Day with members of the Sons of the American Revolution. Over 800 students heard stories and saw authentic dress and artifacts.

You can nominate an outstanding student or teacher for Academic All Star and Teacher of the Month online by Clicking Here. Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on the 10th of every month.
Posted: 12/9/2019 3:00:00 PM

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