Treasure Hunt Day 2

The Virtual Treasure Hunt continues!

Yesterday's coordinates led our treasure hunters to King's Island.  Positioned at 39.3452 N, 84.2691 W, King’s Island is one of Ohio’s awesome amusement parks with roller coasters and fun for everyone!

Congratulations to Chris Walter who won a $200 destination package for King's Island and $50 worth of Treasure Hunt Scratch-Offs. Dan Arnold, Kristen Wengerd and Holly Grover all won $50 worth of Treasure Hunt Scratch-Offs.

From big thrills to little thrills, Kings Island has it all! Click here to learn more about King’s Island and plan your next visit.

Where will the next hunt take you? Like our Facebook page and watch for the next coordinates in our Virtual Treasure Hunt and your chance to win! 
Posted: 8/5/2020 11:00:44 AM