Beware of Facebook Scams

It feels inevitable that at some point you will receive a scam message. Whether it’s a phone call or message on social media, scammers are out there trying to get your information.

We have recently been informed of a new scam on Facebook. A Facebook account using our logo has been reaching out to players letting them know they “won.”

After the initial message, the scammer will typically ask for personal or banking information. In this case, people were asked to call the “claim office” and were given a phone number. Keep in mind that scammers are trying to obtain your personal information, so do not make that call.

If you receive a Facebook message that you are unsure of, check the verification of the account. All of our social media accounts are verified, so look for the blue check mark. You can also find our official accounts here:
  • Our official Facebook handle is @OhioLottery
  • Our official Twitter handle is @OHLottery
  • Our official Instagram handle is @OHLottery
Remember - if you didn’t enter a contest or buy a ticket, you’re not a winner.

Protect your personal information and never share it.

If you ever have a question about an email or call you receive claiming that you have won a large prize, contact our customer service line at 1-800-686-4208. You can find additional Security Awareness tips on our website.
Posted: 8/11/2020 11:00:00 AM