March Partners in Education - Teachers of the Month

Written by Dessiona Jackson

Congratulations to our March winners for the Partners in Education program!

Click Here to learn more about our Partners in Education program and nominate an outstanding student or teacher. Nominations are due by 5 p.m. on the 10th of each month.

Read about the Teachers of the Month:

“I have been a substitute teacher aid at the North Olmsted City School District for approximately four years. While I have many choices as to where I work in the school district, my first choice is always working in Christine WolshuckChristy Wolshuck’s classroom at the North Olmsted Middle School. Christy inspires me to be my best. She makes me, as well as her students and co-workers, feel like we belong in her classroom. Christy unselfishly puts everyone else first. She handles challenges positively and quickly; Christy has a knack for engaging her classroom in the love of learning because of her obvious love of teaching. She is knowledgeable, positive, creative and fun! Christy always finds time for me, and she never hesitates to tell me how appreciative she is of my help in her classroom. It is obvious her current and past students love her, demonstrated by how they happily come through the door in the morning and telling her about the previous night or at the end of the day talking about her with smile and hug. Christy is in constant contact with her student’s parents, and I sense they love her also.” – Lou Ann Anghel

“Julie should be considered for this award because she is one of the most dedicated, caring and hard-working teachers I know. I know I am biased because I am herJulie Grime husband, but I am also an educator, and for the last 23 years Julie has invested her all into her students and school. She never does anything the same. She is constantly adjusting and creating different ways students learn and goes above and beyond to meet their needs to ensure they are able to learn like everyone else. She goes out of her way to support her fellow teachers and to make them feel special. She is a mentor, leader and someone that others can rely upon. Her compassion is evident, and she strives to see her students grow and succeed as learners and good people. If anyone else saw how hard Julie works and how much she gives herself to her students, they would struggle to find a reason to not recognize her.” – Shawn Grime

“Bruce Smith consistently advances students to higher levels of academic achievement and challenges them to exceed their expectations academically and socially. Bruce SmithBruce serves as a leader by organizing and facilitating the BLES Science Fair and he leads the student-recycling program. He is active in the community through the Logan County Land Trust and the Trout in the Classroom project. Excellent attendance, punctuality and a desire to see students succeed are characteristics that solidly describe Bruce’s work ethic. Bruce articulates clear and effective instruction in the classroom and beyond in his communication to students, parents and colleagues. His passion shines the most through his leadership of the after-school Environment Science Club for students in grades 4-12. Dissecting owl pellets, measuring daphnia heart rate, going on a tardigrade (water bear) safari and traveling back through time by hiking in a Logan County gorge are just some of the projects he plans which most definitely separates him from his peers.” – Sally Stolly, Administrator

“Kate is committed to helping each student grow academically. She involves the students in setting goals for themselves in reading. Kate rewards students whenKate Werli they meet these goals. She also encourages students to keep trying when they do not meet their goals and gives specific feedback on how to improve. Kate works with many students who are significantly behind grade level peers. This takes patience, clear and direct instruction and perseverance. Her goal is to help her students be their best selves. She sees in them what they can’t see at times... their potential. Beyond her dedication to students, she also collaborates with me on how we, as co-teachers, can best help kids grown throughout the year. She makes my feedback, observations, and suggestions feel valued. I have learned a lot about what good teaching looks like because I was given an opportunity to work with Kate.” – Mandi Goodman, Peer Teacher

Casey Teets“Mr. Teets is a hard-working middle school teacher who strives to keep his students engaged, meet all the grade levels standards and see his students grow and succeed. Mr. Teets is always looking for ways to help his students to improve their understanding of the subject matter and grow in their learning. Mr. Teets takes the learning of his students personally, so he looks at their weaknesses as his own and looks for ways to improve his teaching so that his students will also benefit. He is caring and fun and our middle school students look forward to his classes.” – Laura Corcoran

“Devani has been teaching in our district for 20 years. She has served on so many committees, planned events and been a mentor for younger teachers. She is popular with students, families and colleagues. Students loveDavani Roe her because she is kind, loving, fun and cares about them. Devani gets to know every student in her class and in the school as a whole person. She is able to see exactly what each child brings to the community, and her whole teaching approach involves finding and using students’ unique strengths to help them overcome their struggles and develop a positive self-concept. At the same time, Devani has a strong academic expectation and shows her students every day that she believes they can succeed. She is gifted at working with families and students alike and is patient and always makes time to listen to their needs and concerns. She is always available to discuss ideas, observe lessons and share ideas about what does and does not work. I have gone to Devani with many struggles as a teacher, and she is always supportive and full of advice. I feel lucky along with many of our students to have her as a colleague and as an educator. I wish there were more teachers like her.” – Nicole Syzmaniak, Peer Teacher

Jamie Finney“I nominate Ms. Finney because she is a very caring and uplifting individual and is an overall great teacher and educator.” – Taniah Moore, Peer Teacher

“Mrs. Ramey goes to extraordinary lengths to support her students and help them learn. It is commonplace to see Mrs. Ramey in a costume or do a silly dance in order to drive a point home in the minds of herEmily Ramey students. Each and every holiday season, she dresses up as an elf named cupcake to bring holiday cheer to her students, sometimes starting impromptu sing-a-longs and other times passing treats out on the school bus. However, her joyful and exuberant antics aside, Mrs. Ramey establishes lasting and meaningful connections with her students. Because her students have learning challenges, she gives them the confidence to take those challenges on directly. Her never-ending encouragement and support lets them know she is always in their corner, advocating for them as well as keeping them honest when they need it. Her students come to respect her quickly and know that they must give her best effort in the classroom. She is truly a gifted educator who embodies The Golden Rule.” – Jonathon Ramey

“Once in a while, you encounter someone so outstanding their excellence must be recognized. Mrs. Groff has made my son’s kindergarten year special in many ways. Aside from the nice things he tells me Valerie Groffabout her, I’ve had the pleasure to be present in the classroom for parties and start student day. I was so impressed at how she handled challenging unexpected situations so quickly and with such ease. For example, at a class party, we did not have enough of the same snack for all kids. As a parent, you know all kids want what the other has. As room-moms, we prepared for a meltdown. She immediately added some snacks of her own and explained in such a nice way to the kids that they would all get different snacks and why that’s okay – keeping complete control of a room full of 5-year-olds. If someone misbehaved, instead of scolding them in front of the class, she quietly went to the students and catered her attention to their own needs and learning disabilities, discreetly. She keeps parents informed of any important details and eases our concerns. New emotions, experiences and being in a classroom for children who have grown up during Covid isolation brings new challenges, but not in Mrs. Groff’s class! I truly believe a kindergarten teacher strongly shapes your future and the future is brighter for the children lucky to have her.” – Megan Carr, Parent
Posted: 4/13/2023 12:00:00 PM

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