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Top Prize won on $500,000 Cashword in Brunswick

BRUNSWICK, OH - Jodi Smallwood is excited to share with the people she loves after winning the top prize of $500,000 on the Ohio Lottery Scratch-Off, $500,000 Cashword.

After mandatory state and federal tax totaling 28 percent, Jodi will receive $360,000. 

She bought the ticket at Cenco, located at 3769 Center Rd in Brunswick. She said she would have never visited that location if she hadn't met her boyfriend who lives nearby. 

Jodi has plans to share her winnings with family, inlcuding creating accounts for her grandchildren to use in the future and taking a vacation for Christmas. Jodi also bought her boyfriend a new car.  

"Giving is what I like to do, it makes me feel good to see people smile," Jodi said.

$500,000 Cashword is a $10 scratch-off with a top prize of $500,000. As of September, 12, 2023, there are three top prizes remaining in the game.

The Ohio Lottery has contributed more than $31 billion to education since 1974.

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