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Schild’s IGA sells $1.6 million Classic Lotto jackpot prize

GRAFTON, OH – Someone in the community of Grafton holds a Classic Lotto ticket worth $1.6 million after Saturday’s Classic Lotto jackpot drawing. The winning ticket was sold by Schild’s IGA.
The winning numbers were 9-12-23-33-43-44.
The winning ticket holder chose their own numbers and has 180 days from the draw date to claim the prize. Schild’s IGA, located at 34981 East  Royalton Road in Grafton, receives a $1,000 sales bonus.
As of today, no one has filed a claim. The $1.6 million prize is an annuity, offering a payment stream of approximately $53,333 a year for 30 years before taxes.
This is the second Classic Lotto jackpot prize sold in 2023. The first, a $7.4 million jackpot prize sold at Community Market #240 in Oak Harbor for the April 5 drawing, remains unclaimed. This is Ohio’s 26th Classic Lotto jackpot prize.

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