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Friends Share Fastest Road to $1 Million Top Prize Win

MENTOR - What happens when you play Ohio Lottery games with friends? For a group of golf buddies, it meant a $1 million win.
Eric Turuczky, Jason Soeder, and Dennis Meyer of Mentor-on-the-Lake won the annuitized top prize of $40,000 a year for 25 years on the Fastest Road to $1 Million scratch-off.
The three chose the cash option of $500,000 and will receive $360,000 prize after 28 percent state and federal taxes. 
The friends hadn’t seen each other in months due to the pandemic, so they decided to get back into their weekly golf outing followed by a stop at Ale Haus Tavern in Mentor.
“We were in a good mood, it was the first time we’d hung out in a while so we decided to put $20 in each and buy two $30 scratch-offs,” Jason said.
They won $40 on one of the tickets, so they went back to play one more time and scratched off a $1 million winner.
The guys say Eric always tells them they’ll never win playing scratch-offs. He’s changed his mind, slightly. “I don’t think I’m going to play a scratch-off again, only if we play together,” Eric said.
They each have plans for their share of the winnings including new smartphones, home improvements, a boat and a new tattoo.
Fastest Road to $1 Million is a $30 scratch-off with a top prize of $40,000 a year for 25 years. There are 31 top prizes remaining in the game as of August 19, 2020. Click here for more information about Fastest Road to $1 Million and all Ohio Lottery scratch-offs.

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