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$1 Million Win on Fastest Road to $1 Million

CORTLAND, OH - Sherry Denman of Cortland is ready to get her family farming business on the fast track after she scratched a $1 million win on Fastest Road to $1 Million.
Sherry chose the cash option. After mandatory state and federal taxes totaling 28 percent, she will receive $360,000.
Sherry bought her ticket at Lakeside Sport Shop in Cortland. Prior to this her biggest win was $5,000.
“When I scratched off the $1 million I had to look at it four times before I even screamed, and I said to myself this can’t be right,” Sherry recalled.

The retailer scanned the ticket and confirmed the $1 million win. Sherry said she will put all of the prize back into the family business.
“We farm, so we’re going to update our farm equipment. First thing is a corn planter. We want to get a twelve row and get done faster,” Sherry said.
Fastest Road to $1 Million is a $30 scratch off with a top prize of $40,000 a year for 25 years.  As of January 13, 2020 there are 37 top prizes remaining. To learn more about Fastest Road to $1 Million and other Ohio Lottery scratch-off offerings, click here.
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