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Second of Four rolling Cash 5 Prizes Claimed

LORAIN- When the April 20, 2014 Rolling Cash 5 jackpot increased to over $800,000, four lucky players picked winning combinations. Judy Guill of Shelby got lucky! She had one of those tickets, winning $216,000 after picking all five correct numbers.

After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent, Guill receives $153,360.

She purchased the winning ticket from Shelby Carryout, 116 N. Gamble St. in Shelby. Shelby Carryout receives a $500 agent bonus for selling a five-of-five Rolling Cash 5 ticket.

Jeffrey Boyle of Lisbon was the first to claim one of the four winning tickets sold in the April 20, 2014 Rolling Cash 5 game. He purchased his ticket from Circle K in Salem. Circle K received a $500 agent bonus also for selling a winning ticket.


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