The Ohio Lottery Release Detail

Press Release

A Kiss Worth 20 X the Money

ATHENS- Did you hear the story about the husband who bought lottery tickets for his wife, scratched them, and then “planted one” on her? You have now! Geraldine Harmon of Portsmouth sent her husband Larry to the store to buy Ohio Lottery instants and won $100,000 on 20X the Money.

“He scratched it and then kissed me,” she said. “That’s when I knew it was a winner, but I thought it was worth a thousand. It was a lot more than that!”

After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent, Harmon receives $71,000. She says she will pay off her car and purchase a tanning bed.

Larry purchased the ticket from his usual lottery stop, Jenkins Chevron, in Sciotoville. Jenkins Chevron receives a $1,000 agent sales bonus for selling a top prize 20X the Money instant game.

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