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Ohio Lottery Announces Legal Gaming Solution for Veteran and Fraternal Posts

CLEVELAND – The Ohio Lottery Commission today announced the implementation of a new product line designed to provide a legal gaming solution for veterans and fraternal posts. The implementation of new Multi Purpose Next Generation (MPNG) machines will be made available exclusively to fraternal and veterans organizations, allowing them to continue charitable efforts in the wake of a decision by the Ohio Attorney General that certain unregulated “bingo raffle games” are illegal and can no longer be used.

The MPNG is the newest version of Multi Purpose machines currently used by the Ohio Lottery in retail locations across the state.  The MPNG machines will allow players to purchase games, but instead of printing an EZPLAY ticket to determine if the game is a winner, the player watches the game unfold on the video screen. The player will receive a ticket at the end of the game which may be cashed out at the location or used to play at another MPNG machine.  Each game has a predetermined outcome drawn from an offsite finite pool, and unlike a Video Lottery Terminal (VLT), the MPNG machine does not generate numbers randomly to determine a prize.

The state of Ohio has authorized 1,200 MPNG machines to operate in veterans and fraternal posts statewide with a maximum of five machines per location.  Ohio veteran and fraternal posts with MPNG machines at their facilities will be required to hold an Ohio Lottery retailer license and must enter into a contractual agreement stating that the post will not use any form of gaming that is determined to be illegal.  Further, each MPNG machine will be connected to the Ohio Lottery’s central system ensuring the integrity of the games and extending consumer protections. 

Entities operating a MPNG machine will receive a percentage of the net sales.  The Ohio Lottery estimates that 85 percent of net revenues will initially be split by the post, charitable organization and the gaming vendor, Intralot, to cover equipment and investment costs.  The remaining 15 percent will go to the Ohio Lottery and the Lottery Profits Education Fund in support of K-12 education in the state, with the expectation of that percentage increasing as the financial burden of initial equipment and setup costs decline.

The MPNG machines will be manufactured in Mason, Ohio by the Ohio Lottery’s vendor, Intralot.  All Ohio-made materials will be used to construct the MPNG machines.

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