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Winner Claims $50K for 20 Years AGAIN!

DEFIANCE – The winner of a $1 million top prize in the $200 Million Extreme Cash instant game is calling the event extraordinary and unimaginable. We couldn’t agree more because he won the same prize four years ago. Dwight Bowen of Defiance won $50K for the next 20 years, a $1 million top prize on the instant $200 Million Extreme Cash.

Bowen might just be a creature of habit, four years ago he chose the cash option. He chose it again this year.  After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent, he receives $355,000.

Bowen says he will take an extraordinary vacation, take care of the grandchildren, and do some home repair. He adds that he will still buy this ticket because he knows there are still top prizes left on this game. He says he faithfully checks out the Ohio Lottery’s website to determine what top prizes remain on instant games.

Bowen purchased this winning ticket in the same city, but a different location. He bought the ticket from Defiance Party Mart, 1841 East 2nd Street in Defiance. Defiance Street Mart receives a $10,000 bonus for selling a top prize winning ticket.

The Ohio Lottery is actively seeking winners of all prize levels to share their stories. Players with an interest in telling theirs can contact the Ohio Lottery at
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