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$100,000 Top Prize Winner

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS- A resident of Rocky River is the latest to win a prize on an Ohio Lottery instant. Stephen Chew won $100,000 after scratching Bingo Times 10.

“It was my birthday last week and I received tickets that were $20 and $10 winners on the new Bingo Times 10 instant. I went into the store and bought two more Bingo Times 10. The first one was not a winner, the second one was. I got really excited,” he said, “This is really over the top.”

After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent, he receives a check for $71,000. Chew said he has been playing Lottery for 40 years. He’s won a $500 and $1,000 prizes but nothing like this. The retiree says he will use the win to fix his condominium and pay some bills.

“The win will give me some room to breathe,” he said.
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